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How To Use Microsoft Edge Browser | Windows 10 How To

The new Windows 10 Edge browser is unique! Here’s how to use it.


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46 Comments on How To Use Microsoft Edge Browser | Windows 10 How To

  1. pff too slow and heavy, ie probbably bttr… they dont teach environmental variables have the slowest access speed at school… probably strting removing it regitry or harddisk and stupid shared memory is pii on it some save encrypted thing just kidding… cnt you ake memory thing dmn just kidding

  2. Thank you for the great info

  3. – Often refuses to close tabs when told to
    – Often refuses to turn off
    – Using a Core i7, and my fans start going the second I enter the edge home page, that's before even searching anything
    – Putting videos in full-screen makes the whole browser go into windowed mode for some reason
    – A simple bing search from the home screen sometimes takes over a minute and causes my laptop to heat up.
    – Frequently freezes up

    Crap browser

  4. Hey there. Know I'm a year late, but how exactly do you record your microsoft edge page? I am trying to record it with obs, but nothing's working at all. :/

  5. One of the best com. Tutorias

  6. On Chrome, You Tube videos suddenly pause and freeze. Does Edge have the same problem?


  8. A retarded browser probably made by retards at Microsoft…

  9. how to stop get chrome now in youtube in MS edge ?

  10. ok i have problem with favorite bar ….the links what i have save is missing ,so how i recovery back because i have some important things what i saved

  11. It wont let me customize my home page. What the hell?!


  13. My edge opens with a mini-window sitting at the top of the broswer. How can I get rid of that!

  14. Where the favorite bar.Don't like it.

  15. I have got my 100% genuine window 10 key from this link: # cost $26. You can also have a try.

  16. nice video very helpful 🙂

  17. ITS AN AMAZING BROWSER! very fast, very convenient.

  18. love edge but few things missing like view image and theme like firefox has are they coming soon and it also doesn't have a menu bar

  19. edge is shit…lol
    it designed for retarded little girls and boys.

  20. microsoft support number 1-888-613-7444

  21. How to you get sites to open in a NEW TAB??? When I click on a new site it opens in the SAME tab. How do you set it to open sites in different tabs????

  22. fuck you mircosoft , why the fk we have it? the past version is the mother fking best

  23. like it and going to change my web browser because Google is becoming a toll of politician Google have remove Palestine from map this is one thing i notice maybe many more which i have or you have not notice so this answer to Google and from that day i was looking something alternative

  24. I somehow deleted it! Can you help me get it back?

  25. How do you sign in??!! Someone please help me!!

  26. is it possible to swipe left/right between web pages?

  27. Microsoft Edge > firefox > chrome > internet explorer

  28. Why don't you clowns try, just try to think for yourself one fucking time. Edge is a very nice browser.

  29. This video is titled " How To Use Microsoft Edge Browser". It is supposed to be a tutorial on using Edge. It is not. Tutorials usually try to teach. Your presentation was a brief overview that was useless for learning purposes. Your cursor was too small to be easily followed on the screen. You did not describe your actions when doing something.

    I am new to Win 10. I am new to Edge. I wanted to find out a very simple thing: how does Edge save "bookmarks" or "favorites" or whatever it calls them. And then how to see the list of my previously saved "favorites" or "bookmarks". Edge has no instructions on this. Your video did mention favorites very briefly with no instructions.

    Basically a waste of time.

  30. Can you make notes on a page, then save it to an office program such as Word instead of One Note?

  31. WHy is there no home page button? That is standard. God. Microsoft.

  32. Edge is actually pretty fast

  33. I've been using Mozilla Firefox for  a few years. I like it. Easy to navigate, lot of nice choices from menu and options. Last several months (14 months?). Having problems with freeze & warning "UNRESPONSIVE SCRIPT SHOCKWAVE FLASH MAYBE BUSY OR….." The paid Microsoft service got rid of my Mozilla saying that was the problem. Boom he deleted it WITHOUT MY APPROVAL he loaded Edge as my browser. Nothing but a headache. To begin with you see that  logo and the word "start" at the very top left of the EDGE browser?  IT IS NOT THERE, NOT ON MY EDGE, I CANNOT MAKE CHOICES, NAVIGATE OR OPTIONS, MENU, VIEW FILE ANY SETTINGS.

  34. plz i can enter mode of full screen in Microsoft edge plz Bro <3

  35. Does Microsoft Edge Allows you to use Full screen  mode ? if so can you tell us how to it will be helpful, Thank You

  36. Only edgelords use Windows Edge.

  37. how to go full screen in microsoft edge in some browsers you just need to click F11 but when i tried it on microsoft edge it doesnt work,can you help me?

  38. It looks like Safari. As expected 🙂

  39. now I wanna get Microsoft edge

  40. This browser is okay, but I personally love Firefox the best.

  41. microsoft edge new generation browser for download another best browser

  42. Microsoft will have to come up with a better browser before I get Windows 10.  Explorer 11 is fine working with my Windows 7. Why don't they leave well enough alone with so many things like  updating from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

  43. EDGE again , freezes, stalls, hangs, shits. It's a STINKING PILE OF DOG SHIT. Thank you Microsoft for another wonderful day of having to use EDGE at work. Stripped down EDGE is slower by 90% compared to GOOGLE CHROME with 7 apps running. I get  to use CHROME at lunch and guess what, no hangs, no freezing, no Task Manager kills of CHROME needed. EVERY DAY I HAVE TO USE EDGE AND IT SCREWS ME OVER I WILL BE POSTING THE FACTS ABOUT EDGE-Stinking Pile Of Dog SHIT SLOW.

  44. fullscreen? 🙁

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