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How To Use Narrator On Windows 10 [Tutorial]

This tutorial will go over some uses of the Narrator, a free built- in text-to-speech reader for Windows 10. The Ease of Access Center (or Accessibility tools) has been included in many prior versions of Windows 10 offer assistance to those who are visually or hearing impaired. In this tutorial, I will go over the Narrator tool on a Windows 10 device. A similar function exists in Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 as well.

Description From Microsoft’s website:

Narrator reads text on your PC…

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9 Comments on How To Use Narrator On Windows 10 [Tutorial]

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  2. How you got 8.3k views on this video is beyond me. Sorry…but agree with some posts below. 5+ minutes to show us what anyone can figure out via a quick google search. Not meaning to be offensive…but this video is a waste of 5 mins of the watcher's time.

  3. Narrator can also be enabled by hitting windows plus enter

  4. How can you turn it on or off without going into the ease of access center

  5. Do you know if it is possible to select text and hit a key command to speak that selected text like on appletosh?

  6. Thank you for using my voice as your narrator!

  7. insanity is not the word for it, turn the damn thing off lol goodbye !

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