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How to Use Snipping Tool in Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial | The Teacher

In Microsoft Windows 10, using Print Screen button and Snipping Tool you can easily capture the screenshot into the clipboard and later can insert them to other applications.

You can either capture screenshots from Print Screen button which include capturing the entire screen or an active window. In Windows 8, Microsoft had introduced a new feature Windows + Print Screen shortcut to easily capture the entire screen and automatically save it to PNG file format.

In Windows 10, Microsoft also…

15 Comments on How to Use Snipping Tool in Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial | The Teacher

  1. Short, efficient and to the point. Good job.

  2. in my windows it doesnt show snipper tool:(

  3. fast-paced but good info

  4. When I use the snipping tool it turns out blurry and when I put it in discord it turns out as a gif? can you help please idk why it's doing this I tried googleing it but it's not helping.

  5. wow, look at all those functionalities of snipping tool 😀 😀 😀

  6. Snipping tool is becoming blurier to me


  8. Can Screenshots from snipping tool more hig res or high quallity..? (Sorry bad eng)

  9. The Snipping Tool is good, I have been using it for years. Now I find I cannot move it across the screen, it obstructs my work. Can anyone help

  10. Hi hi! Nice video you have there! Hope you wont mind me sharing.. have you bought from " Vidadsmedia Email Tools " (do a search on google)? My boss had some dealings with them and was impressed by their awesome knowledge on email tools!

  11. how can i find this tool without keyboard like another place because my key is old?

  12. Most of the keyboard has it but in your case, you can use On Screen Keyboard" and guess what, it is right there on the right side pane.

  13. is there a way to acces snipping tool with a keyboard shortcut?
    would be handy if I'm looking through full screen PDFs and in need for a screenshot without exiting the read mode

  14. Yes, this was possible in old dos days with Dot Matrix Printers.

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