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How To Use Snipping Tool In Windows 10 [Tutorial]

This tutorial will show you how to take a picture of your screen in Windows using a built-in application called the Snipping Tool.

Sometimes the easiest way to make a copy of something is to take a snapshot of your screen—this is what Snipping Tool does. Use it to save and share news stories, movie reviews, or recipes.

Capture all or part of your PC screen, add notes, save the snip, or email it from the Snipping Tool window. You can capture any of the following types of snips:


41 Comments on How To Use Snipping Tool In Windows 10 [Tutorial]

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  2. I want to snip a picture in a video. When I open the video then I try to open snip tool and it goes back to my main page or screen. It will not open in the video.

  3. I am on windows 10, I need snipping tool to crop and list images on items I am selling or swapping, sometimes in groups of 8 or 10 from the folder of collected images, now it announces google is moving and every image I crop is now hidden behind a downloaded frame ? how do I get round it so I get the direct image on screen and not a frame ?

  4. How did I not know about this!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. mine does not have the search thing next to the windows icon

  6. I cannot find my snipping tool on my search window.

  7. Great Job! Thank you

  8. I already know about this

  9. podrías poner el link para descargar ??

  10. Yes! I found another talent point for keyboard warrior!

  11. Great explanation:) actually the best one!

  12. Thanks a lot????????????

  13. Hello, I need your help. I have been using The snipping tool from Windows menu always. But for some mysterious reason it simply vanished and I am not able to launch it from start menu. Could you please help?

  14. Thank you. This helped A LOT!

  15. So cool man! You helped me so much

  16. Bro this video helped so much you don’t even know how much time those saves me!!

  17. But how to get it

  18. Hello, I’m trying to snip part of a web page that requires me to scroll up/down to take the complete snip. Is it possible to take a snippet where scrolling up/down is required?

  19. Thanks 😀 I was using it on discord haha

  20. Nice video. I just purchased a new Dell All-In-One Windows 10 and discovered the Snipit Tool. Love it.

  21. How to take long screenshots for multiple pages?

  22. thanks bro very nice video. even tho i already know how to use the snappihng tull u hsalped me somehoiw lol.

  23. thank you. i spent 4 hours intalling and uninstalling supposed easy to use 'free screen capture' software. i decided to come to youtube and after viewing some others, here i find that in my windows 10 there is snipping tool and i was going to buy a software program. THANK YOU!!!! i will subscribe and 'like' as you saved this OLD lady from HOURS of frustration.

  24. Thank you a lot! I am a part time student and I am studying at home and no idea how to do stuff, you are such a big help!

  25. You were talking about Windows and such. I have an iMac. Does it not have the capability to take a screen shot?

  26. Thanks bro, you are awsome god bless you 😀

  27. thanks ….. nice tutorial…… sometimes i need to more application in my laptop

  28. I use Snipping Tool at work. When I double click to launch the app, it goes directly new image without having to select New. It doesn't do that in my home computer. I like to know how can I make it go directly to New everytime I launch the app?

  29. I use printScr key and paint – app :D. Ctrl+V

  30. I used to have this snipping tool and now when i search it in windows i get another thing called "Snipping Tool" that has replaced the red scissors one that I loved, it's white scissors on a purple background and I hate it!

  31. i can't do it on laptop?

  32. Thank you so much for your help! I can now edit- thank you! +1 like +1 subscriber

  33. Hey, just wanted to say thank you for posting this awesome tutorial. My mom called me from work because she wanted to know how to take a screenshot. I have a mac computer at home so although I knew how to take one on the PC, it was really hard to walk her through the process over the phone with just words. I then found this tutorial, sent it to her, and she said it was perfect. Thanks a lot! Really appreciate you doing this 🙂

  34. Thank you dear for your excellent and easy tutorial well done

  35. hello bro, is it possible to have 'delay option' on windows 8.1, or it can be updated to have this option?

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