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How to View Blocked Websites

Ever wanted to view a site at work or school and it was blocked? Well try these techniques to get around it.

Web Proxies:

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20 Comments on How to View Blocked Websites

  1. Great, the proxy websites are blocked

  2. My old school blocked the "Proxy" Google search page.
    I also got reported to the principal for opening the command prompt…

  3. Kproxy worked! Thanks!

  4. My school blocked happy wheels

    Do you know what I do…

    If the website is
    Do this

    Get rid of the http://www.

  5. They all are blocked :(

  6. But I have ubuntu linux 15.04

  7. I tried the 1st Method, but it didn't work. The Website was blocked anyway.

  8. er,anonymouse is blocked too,for fuck sake i can do anything,be cause every single site is blocked,including dress up games and shits,youtube… -.-

  9. My school didn't block anything… My friend searched porn and were in 7th grade so [OLNY  HIM!] he got in trouble. Lol.

  10. My stupid school even blocked the proxy websites!! All I want is Wattpad!! Is that simple too ask?

  11. tor (the onion router) can be used to access the deep web

  12. ….what about ultrasurf? that is my SHIT! omg ultrasurf works sooo well!
    i remember my mom didnt pay the wifi bill and i used ultrasurf to bypass the blocks that my enternetprovider had put so that i wouldnt be able to surf the web without getting my mom to pay the bill. ultrasurf works sooo much haaa <3 i love it. i use it eveyrtime i cant get my way. i know alot of people never heard of it BUT USE IT O GOD PLS!!!!!!! 

    and also, never fucking ever log into facebook on tor. tor isnt very safe just because your anonymouse. theres illegal shit on there and you have to take precaution when surfing tor.

  13. porn at school check

  14. why is it not good to download it to your hard drive? why download it in the flash drive better?

  15. MOST Simple way to acces blocked website
    Change the http:// to https://
    It will turn to secure mode and will bypass any blocked websites (even porn website if your wish!)

  16. step 3 dose it have to be done on firefox?

  17. Tor is a series of tubes Lenny Face

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