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How to view someones IP address and connection speed!

Have fun with this you guys!!!
“tracert “website”

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35 Comments on How to view someones IP address and connection speed!

  1. This is a trace route showing how many hops it takes for you to connect to google.

  2. This not their connection speed

  3. I mean, there’s no WAY this is real…..nobody is really THIS dumb…..lmao

  4. “Wow! Everything you just said is wrong.” – Luke Skywalker

  5. This is the mastermind behind MS17-010!!!!! Haha haha don't underestimate his skillz!!! 😉

  6. All your IP's are belong to us

  7. I think that this is a cute video. I see some crazy comments here. This kid at least is trying to understand how the Internet works. I am sure that if "NextGenHacker101" were to revisit this video, he may be embarrassed! We have to understand that "The techies" here posting the rude comments at one time did not know what tracert or traceroute was.

    This kid probably has bloomed into a super smart computer "geek" by now that could teach us a thing or two now 🙂

  8. O boy I'll never get that 2 minutes back….

  9. Stupidity this bad should be considered a hate crime.

  10. Hey, how do you get the port number of these ips please??


  12. You fucking hack job

  13. its people like this that make me hate humanity.

  14. laughed so hard. that's TRACEROUTE dude!

  15. It stands for Trace Route, not tracer t, take a course read a book.

  16. This video is 110% incorrect I have a headache

  17. This video is very misinformative! you are not a hacker you are an idiiot …..Dutchik for prez 2020

  18. this video, makes me happy.

  19. Hey nextgen please do some reasearch on what traceroute actually does . . .

  20. Can I be your student? I need to learn Nexgen Hacking skills. Please Please Please !!!!

  21. tracert (or trace route) is used to find how many routers are between you and a specific connection… to my knowledge these will not be SOHO routers.

  22. What a dumbass.

  23. So is here that the hacker known as 4chan learns his stuff

  24. Probably time to take down this video so you don't propagate this ignorance.

  25. how is this even possible? for a child to be so condfidently incorrect? read a book kid.


  27. I heard this guy now has a job writing technobabble dialog for Hollywood.

  28. 2017 and I still come back to this video for the lols
    Cant wait for the 10th aniversary of this video next year

  29. DUDE this actually worked I can't believe that! Amazing

  30. I hope you killed yourself after making this video

  31. Best troll on the entire internet.

  32. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im dieing

  33. More than 8 years later, and this is STILL one of the best videos on Youtube.

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