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How To Win Fortnite Battle Royale – Tips And Tricks

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39 Comments on How To Win Fortnite Battle Royale – Tips And Tricks

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  2. 9 months later everyone's a god

  3. Thanks for your help


  5. Inv me tomorow at 4 pm my name is Tattdaboul01 on xbox 1

  6. How do u make your guns glow

  7. Can you do tips for fortnite iOS

  8. I have never won a battle yet now I have hope the closest I have ever got is 5

  9. Found this, while searching for a way to get fortnite standard editon. upvote so people can see.

  10. I still have 0wind and I’ve been playing forever????

  11. i just watched a ad before the video and this nigga gave 2 girls 150 dollars each for rolling up a rug and holding it

  12. OmG cannot win never
    i gonna uninstall dat gaem for Niggerz

  13. I came 2nd in solos and it was my 2nd time I was in top 10

  14. Ya pistols are op.

  15. you can lose actually if ninja or ali a and that are on your server

  16. oh geez dislike for these pointless Intros

  17. This channel deserves more subs!

  18. Do you mind if I queef on your leg?

  19. Pls do more tips and tricks

  20. Just won my first game, gimme some love

  21. I tried these things and I fail every time

  22. Fuck fortnite, I can’t get good at this fucking game

  23. lol I heard the phone ring

  24. 0:26 bros…. hmm bros WAİT A MİNUTE


  25. Thanks for the tips really apreceate it

  26. I just started a YouTube channel can you do a shout out for me please

  27. winning the game is not about knowing tips its about having skill and knowing how to play the game lol

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