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Huawei Mate 10 Pro Tips, Tricks & Best Features

Get the most from your Huawei Mate 10 or Mate 10 Pro with our tips and tricks guide, which dives into the EMUI 8 software to find the best hidden features.

From full screen apps and shortcuts to the nifty navigation dock and audio features, we show off some of the coolest features tucked away in EMUI 8 on Huawei’s new Mate 10 handsets.

Have a look at our EMUI 8 hands-on video for a full tour of Huawei’s new software. And check out our full Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro tips and tricks guide at…

30 Comments on Huawei Mate 10 Pro Tips, Tricks & Best Features

  1. Who is watching on mate 10 pro?

  2. Hauwei is coming out with So many Best phones with Good Quality Features for Buyers every day needs.
    (WOW HAUWEI) Also A Great Warranty to go with your Purchase.

  3. Is there a way to hide the navigation buttons without using the "Navigation Dock," similar to Samsung and LG's implementation?

  4. It has led notification ?

  5. How to hide apps???

  6. Does it have face recognition?

  7. Watch it via mate 10

  8. Hi. I have used the mate 9 and now i have switched to mate 10 pro. Why cant i pull down the wifi, bluetooth, brightness adjust menu while the screen is locked? Its quite annoying as all the phones i know have access to that menu including the mate 9. I dont understand why the 10 pro doesnt have it. I have tried all settings. Pls help.

  9. Hi, do you know if you can hide apps and create folders while in the app drawer mode?

  10. Did navigation dock replaced the floating dock?

  11. mate 10 pro is the most awesome phone of 2017 and 2018 like holly shit useful features everywhere ! and the hardware is fantastic . not to forget the unbeatable price !

  12. Does the 10 pro have tap to wake?

  13. Guysssssss
    Mate 10 Pro was cancel the special control function on the touch circle as P9 ?

  14. I love full phone not just one feature…????

  15. whenever I open an App the navigationbar is shown in red. Any Tipps to change it ?

  16. Watching using may Mate 10!

  17. Why doesnt the fullscreen option work on youtube

  18. Does it have picture to picture mode for youtube? When you can minimize the youtube app withou closing it.

  19. Currently using this mate 10pro bought it from HK. This is far way better than iOS. Well because I get bored in iOS nowadays. Battery is extremely long as in very long.
    Anyway, hoping someone could tell me what he's playing? The car he's playing I couldn't find in play store…

  20. What is he playing? Would be happy to know

  21. Does the phone have a double tap to wake the screen feature?
    Does the phone have an Ambient Display feature?

  22. Why do so many of these use long press? Did Huawei remove Press Touch?

  23. Which game are you playing on it?

  24. When emui 5.1 update to emui 8.0?

  25. I have the mate 9. Didn't know about the hide albums feature!!! Thanks!!!

  26. Alex absolutely beautiful phone I have watched two of your reviews on this phone excellent by the way. I really think that this phone is absolutely beautiful devices and just the premium build speaks for itself. I missed out on the Mate 9 but I truly like their Devices.Awesome reviews by the way.Deb.✌️????

  27. Most of these features are available in my mate 9 lite happy for that.

  28. Why did you show the hide album ??????????????if my dad sees this video he will know all my secrets ????

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