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Injustice Gods Among US iOS Character Tips and Tricks

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we demonstrate many characters that have useful traits, and how to maximize their effectiveness.

Our first topic is Regime Wonder Woman. If you have Red…

20 Comments on Injustice Gods Among US iOS Character Tips and Tricks

  1. You should do another one,but with the characters now in 2015

  2. Did you use a glitch to get your characters to 50?

  3. What device is this this definitely does not look like ios

  4. got doomsday gold 4 times in a row :D

  5. I've seen a glitch that shows you how to get any booster pack for 8,000 credits!
    Including most wanted packs!
    Wow right.

  6. Is 600 WW, Regime WW with azarathian cloak/demonic cloak(any power genaration gear)and Animated Harley Quimm good? +HollywoodShono

  7. It would help alot

  8. Can you make video to show how to make a lot of money

  9. I have no money and really need money

  10. In injustice on the iPod how do you get a lot of money

  11. Which team?
    1. AO Batman, Shazam and KJJ? Or…..
    2. AO Batman, AO Deathstroke and Animated HQ?

  12. I have prison superman 

  13. Can u plz tell me what screen recorder u use @HollywoodShono I'm a fello youtuber

  14. Can you tell me the pascode on fb

  15. You should do an WBID account giveaway

  16. Aquaman (not this one but the regular) is OP when you get ellite 7

  17. How to get prison superman

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