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Install Windows 10 Final from a disk (.iso DVD) FREE UPGRADE [TUTORIAL]

Official, Final release (not a BETA)
32bit Windows 10:
64bit Windows 10:

Please use the above (Official Microsoft links to download the tool as described in the video, to create your windows 10 disk.

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6 Comments on Install Windows 10 Final from a disk (.iso DVD) FREE UPGRADE [TUTORIAL]

  1. can the disk be used later to reinstall windows 10 if a fresh install is needed

  2. need install driver again?

  3. can i use this for my new computer so I dont need to first download windows 8 and then windows 10?

  4. The created disk can be used as a bootable disk for a fresh install. There are many reasons why you may want to create a disk. My reason was because I have three pc's to update and don't want to download the updates three times!

    If you are installing a fresh install you will be asked for a serial key, you will need to use your original Windows 7/8 key! Sometimes it's easier to just upgrade :)

  5. How to install windows 10 from a CD/DVD!

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