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Install XAMPP

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You guys asked me to create an updated tutorial on how to install XAMPP, so here it is. I wanted to cover everything though, so I show how to install XAMPP. I also cover how to fix all of the common errors. I show how to setup Administrator accounts on Windows 10 and then allow them to run apps, which is normally…

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  1. bro for this xammp installation we need mysql or not

  2. Hello Derek. Two Questions:
    1.) Does this setup still work in 2018?
    2.) Would this setup work for using MySQL with Node.js?
    I want to learn about Databases but don't want to learn PHP. And I also don't want to waste my time with MongoDB, since I've read that it's best days are behind it.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Good video, but I miss a short explaination of why you're doing those different things, and which actions are really necessary and which ones are not.

  4. @ 11:53, I cant seem to find the connect in the MySQL folder. Please help

  5. Love your tuts, but I often ask why.. when you say change this to that…. etc…

  6. No its same error 🙁

    1.30.24 PM [Apache] Apache Service detected with wrong path
    11.30.24 PM [Apache] Change XAMPP Apache and Control Panel settings or
    11.30.24 PM [Apache] Uninstall/disable the other service manually first
    11.30.24 PM [Apache] Found Path: "C:program files (x86)xamppapachebinhttpd.exe" -k runservice
    11.30.24 PM [Apache] Expected Path: "c:xamppapachebinhttpd.exe" -k runservice
    11.30.24 PM [mysql] MySQL Service detected with wrong path
    11.30.24 PM [mysql] Change XAMPP MySQL and Control Panel settings or
    11.30.24 PM [mysql] Uninstall/disable the other service manually first
    11.30.24 PM [mysql] Found Path: "C:program files (x86)xamppmysqlbinmysqld.exe" –defaults-file="c:program files (x86)xamppmysqlbinmy.ini" mysql
    11.30.24 PM [mysql] Expected Path: c:xamppmysqlbinmysqld.exe –defaults-file=c:xamppmysqlbinmy.ini mysql
    11.30.24 PM [filezilla] FileZilla Service detected with wrong path
    11.30.24 PM [filezilla] Change XAMPP FileZilla and Control Panel settings or
    11.30.24 PM [filezilla] Uninstall/disable the other service manually first
    11.30.24 PM [filezilla] Found Path: "C:program files (x86)xamppfilezillaftpfilezillaserver.exe"
    11.30.24 PM [filezilla] Expected Path: "c:xamppFileZillaFTPfilezillaserver.exe"
    11.30.24 PM [Tomcat] Tomcat Service detected with wrong path
    11.30.24 PM [Tomcat] Change XAMPP Tomcat and Control Panel settings or
    11.30.24 PM [Tomcat] Uninstall/disable the other service manually first
    11.30.24 PM [Tomcat] Found Path: "C:Program Files (x86)XAMPPtomcatbintomcat7.exe" //RS//Tomcat7
    11.30.24 PM [Tomcat] Expected Path: c:xampptomcatbintomcat7.exe //RS//Tomcat7

    Kindly help me how to fix

    i follow all steps and nothing happens (Windows 10)

  7. derek recorded this on a machine from 2015 (most likely on a virtual machine too) and his installation was faster then mine…
    BTW im working on an i7-7500U… This CPU came out like 6 months ago if i am correct

  8. I also get these errors after i create the two students : No index defined! No partitioning defined!…..what to do ?

  9. You forgot to say after we enter the address in edge that we have to click on phpMyAdmin to get where u are in order to make an account 🙂

  10. Good Morning, I can't seem to get the error "you are not running admin rights" I went through the regedit and set everything the way you describe it. Is there some other way to resolve this, please let me know and thank you for such great tutorials.

  11. Hi Derek, what do I do when I already have an admin account and want to setup appache, mysql and the rest of the stuff, do you have a video for that or should just delete my admin and start from scratch. Please let me know

  12. at 5:34 access denied what am i supposed to do?

  13. Thank you very helpful video!
    I followed every step but at the end when i type http://localhost:1234/getstudentinfo.php it says Object not found!
    I copied your codes and i saved them as php files so i dont know why its not working! Any suggestion?

  14. Did everything as u said but mesaage appears that "Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly"

  15. WTF, Where did you learn that

  16. or you can just search "XAMPP", right-click on it and run as administrator.

  17. great now i have an administrator account that with a password that I cant delete,and dont know how to disable cuz it has a pasword . thanks bro.

  18. God Bless you sir

  19. omg u saved my life !!! thaaaaank u soò soooo much ur the best

  20. MySQL said: Documentation
    My Problems
    1 –> #1131 – You are using MariaDB as an anonymous user and anonymous users are not allowed to modify user settings
    2 –> when i try to create a new database i get this error " #1044 – Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database "

  21. Excellent tutorial.  Helped me to setup XAMPP on my PC in no time. Thanks a lot.

  22. Thanks for the video. Helped a lot…

  23. on 9:37 when i jump back, it wants some login with password?! i went through this step by step , but happened again 🙁 help please

  24. when i go to local host to test php it says"Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function dies() in C:xamppmysqli_connect.php:8 Stack trace: #0 C:xampphtdocsgetstudentinfo.php(3): require_once() #1 {main} thrown in C:xamppmysqli_connect.php on line 8"

  25. [SOLVED] At 3:21 i get an error saying, "you do not have permission to open this file. see owner of the file or an administrator to obtain permission." The weird thing is that I am the admin

  26. My normal usar disappeared, my Administrator was deactivated, can’t login, window 10 doesn’t allow secure mode… Hirens boot?

  27. My computer restarted and I can’t use my user anymore

  28. Hi Derek,

    First of all I thank you for this excellent very informative video. The information is provided is excellent and to the point. I followed your step by step instructions till I got stuck at "Registration Editor". While going Microsoft—>Windows—>System—> I could not find "Filter Administration Token". All the information except this could be found. In view of this, my Microsoft Edge is not opening when I click Apache or PHP to Start. I shall appreciate your prompt response.


  30. I just was in properties of xampp-control and just clicked the checkbox "Run As Administrator" and it works lmao

  31. under my policy tab, I don't have system in there, what should I do?!

  32. When I submit first and last name I get to /studentadded.php page and I got this error message "Could not connect to MySQL: Access denied for user 'studentweb'@'localhost' (using password: YES)"
    why is that?

  33. I'm having trouble with these can someone please help me thanks in advance 🙂
    MySQL Service detected with wrong path
    9:07:37 AM [mysql] Change XAMPP MySQL and Control Panel settings or
    9:07:37 AM [mysql] Uninstall/disable the other service manually first
    9:07:37 AM [mysql] Found Path: "C:Program Files (x86)MySQLMySQL Server 5.5binmysqld" –defaults-file="C:Program Files (x86)MySQLMySQL Server 5.5my.ini" MySQL
    9:07:37 AM [mysql] Expected Path: c:xamppmysqlbinmysqld.exe –defaults-file=c:xamppmysqlbinmy.ini mysql
    9:07:37 AM [mysql] Problem detected!
    9:07:37 AM [mysql] Port 3306 in use by ""C:Program Files (x86)MySQLMySQL Server 5.5binmysqld" –defaults-file="C:Program Files (x86)MySQLMySQL Server 5.5my.ini" MySQL"!
    9:07:37 AM [mysql] MySQL WILL NOT start without the configured ports free!
    9:07:37 AM [mysql] You need to uninstall/disable/reconfigure the blocking application
    9:07:37 AM [mysql] or reconfigure MySQL and the Control Panel to listen on a different port

  34. why whenever i try to go in phpmyadmin to setup my sql user account there is an access denied. hope you can help me. thanks

  35. I thoroughly enjoyed following along with this video, man thanks for making this upload!!!

  36. On my control panel it's showing "problem detected " Mercury not found" "disabling Mercury buttons" "Run this program for your XAMPP root directory" after completing up until command prompt in video.Why is that?

  37. please make another video about how to setup different alias using xampp

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