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Installing GTA 5 LSPDFR 2019 – ADVANCED and FAST TUTORIAL Windows 10!!


This video is a GTA 5 LSPDFR Police mod Install tutorial and is for Advanced users only. This is very fast paced and straight to the point. If you are not an advanced user of computers, please do not view this video.

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For a Step by Step beginner version of a LSPDFR…

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33 Comments on Installing GTA 5 LSPDFR 2019 – ADVANCED and FAST TUTORIAL Windows 10!!


  2. bruh i fucking said 2019 not 2018

  3. Every time I try to load LSPDFR it says "Blocking Plugin" "LSPDFR was terminated because it's causing game to freeze" (Something like that).


  5. Thanks best tutorial video ever, right to the point. Subbed

  6. Can you use the same game folder that is modded for lspdfr to play on fivem server? Or do you need a fresh copy of the game for fivem. I have been playing with two folders and it's kinda annoying…

  7. do you do open iv download after all four of these or before? like creating mods folder and copy and pasting update and x64? im trying to get this 100% right so it doesnt mess up and infin load screen on me again!

  8. For those of you that this did not work for, try forcing windowed mode in the rage hook settings. After doing this it loads right up for me.

  9. What kind of desktop do you need @benzo?

  10. Grand Theft Auto Forza Horizon

  11. I have a brand new gaming pc just for this game. I did everything step by step everything is the latest version but when it validates system it shuts down. I have a HP Omen i5-8400 cpu @2.80 ghz with 8 gigs of ram, Nvidia GeForce gtx 1060 with 6gigs of dedicated ram. The game runs great just can’t figure out what’s wrong that it won’t run the mod. Can you help? Major beginner here!

  12. Hey Beal I’m getting a message: everything starts to load than I get your gravel excited unexpectedly this is the only thing that holding from play what is this please help

  13. my rage plugin hook wont launch

  14. Hey what are your PC specs @Benzo Effect

  15. the best tutorial ever! learned this so fast. thank god people as you exist!!!

  16. Do i need the originllay GTA v for that ?

  17. my game crashes everytime its loading in game ??

  18. do i do manual or what on LSPDFR

  19. Hey Benzo. I installed it as u say in the video step by step. When i start the game it after a little loading just crash. U know what the problem could be?

  20. Dude keep doing these videos loved it

  21. it says my version is not supported

  22. i really hate that it takes so long to play lspdfr.
    this is why i want police simulator 18 or police 1013 because you don't have to do any steps same with gta 5 director mode so you can be a cop on xbox one and ps3

  23. hey i need some advice i did like you said but when i got to start rage up it just stays at launching game via steam and just stays and never loads up
    even when i dont load the rage steam wont let me play

  24. Why is it so freaking hard to just install one simple mod?

  25. Thanks for this very useful guide! It worked perfectly! Thank you so much for the advice! Ill stay updated on your Channel and for all the LSPDFR and Script Hook V updates! Once again, thank you! 🙂

  26. Do I download the manual instal or the regular?

  27. When I open RAGEPlugin Hook and GTA V is open, crash… What's problem?
    I have only RAGEPlugin Hook and LSPDFR.

  28. Any rage hook, that connects to version 350?

  29. THANK YOU I <3 U

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