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INTERIOR DESIGN: Bedroom Decorating Hacks and Tips | Making the Most of Our Small Bedroom |

Hope you guys LOVE our bedroom as much as we do! Thanks for always watching and subscribing to my channel, love you all!!!

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27 Comments on INTERIOR DESIGN: Bedroom Decorating Hacks and Tips | Making the Most of Our Small Bedroom |

  1. I like the whole house!

  2. What color are the walls painted?

  3. Omg your so fake it kills me

  4. Where are you bedside tables from?????

  5. Definitely leave the mirrors as is. They help with symmetry as well as increase the appearance of more space. Plus, they give the illusion of a window like space.????

  6. I just love your beautiful videos
    And l do love minimilism too

  7. Is there a window behind the bed/headboard, or did you add the curtains there for further symmetry?

  8. Love the mirrors there

  9. Yes! A bedroom has to be a little masculine.

  10. Do you not iron your sheets?

  11. Keep the mirrors, they look great there.

  12. I love how the dog just needs to be in that bed throughout the entire bed making process lol.

  13. Looks nice, great job!!

  14. Love the mirrors where they are. I am also stealing the idea.????

  15. Thank you for telling us the paint color in the beginning =)

  16. I think the mirrors look fabulous.

  17. You should definitely feature your boyfriend/husband in more videos. He’s really cute. ???? Oh, and yeah, your bedroom looks amazing.

  18. What curtain rods do you use??

  19. LOVE the lamps and headboard !!! I vote to keep the mirrors there!! But should you change your mind Sharrah, I would gladly take them off your hands for our room which is SUPER bare 🙂

  20. Sooooo happy ???? I found your channel! We recently moved up north where apts are small so I’m so confused ???? how to get more out of our space! ????

  21. I love this video thank you so much for uploading you definitely have a new subscriber ???? and the description box is just as informative wow amazing!! ????❤️

  22. Wondering where u got your pillows from? Beaut bedroom

  23. You remind me of Emma Robert's. Voice and gestures are like her too. ????

  24. I really like how you did the symmetry around the bed. We don’t have matching lamps yet and I think that’s what our room needs, thank you. I’m learning so much from you today!

  25. Definitely keep the mirrors in the bedroom! That’s what gives it the “glow”. Otherwise it would look flat. Like my bedroom does now. ????

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