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Introducing Windows 10 – The future starts now :30

Now with Windows 10 you can create and share in ways you never thought possible. Windows recognizes you, responds to you and even learns with you. Welcome to a more human way to do. Get started at

20 Comments on Introducing Windows 10 – The future starts now :30

  1. Do I really need to mention that they probably won't grow up with Windows 10. Before they understand passwords and stuff, Windows 11 will probably be out.

  2. This advert is more of an insight in to how long Microsoft plans on developing Windows 11 for, if it predicts these toddlers will still be using Windows 10 by the time they are old enough to use any of the features listed in this ad.

  3. well..fuck you, microsoft, all the silicon valley for this kind of shit u are making every next generation dumber

  4. Please make a really cool animated commercial about Windows 10 that's similar to the surface 3 ad.

  5. That first kid be ratchet.

  6. Such a stupid commercial. Stop with these hipster garbage.

  7. Extremely creepy

  8. Made this comment below, but repeat it for the benefit of those with ears to hear:

    The first baby is a white girl. Behind her, in the swing, is a black boy. This is your "race-mixing is good" message. The narrator tells us that "she won't have to obsess over security", meaning blacks are safe for white females.

    The second baby is some kind of non-white, presumably Hispanic, bouncing about on one of the top floors of a high rise. We're informed that he will have his own personal assistant.

    While the third baby is a white boy, gazing intently at some toy models of construction vehicles. He'll "not only surf the web, but touch it" — which means he's really just be surfing the web.

    As psychological programming it's fairly crude, but it delivers the technocracy's invariable message: you, white man, do not matter. You are in last place. You will be in last place.

    In fact they've just released a new commercial that features exclusively non-white children looking happy and using Windows, not even in America, but in their home countries — the implication being that thanks to Windows and so on, they will be Americans soon enough.

    The commercial focuses on an African girl called Leena. The narrator, as godly and righteous as ever, informs us that one of them – probably Leena, being black and female – "just might change the world". This, as Leena sits in class drawing a tree in her notebook.

    Of course, the Leenas of this world won't get anywhere near Redmond or Silicon Valley, but the point is to let you know they believe that Africans, and by extension African-Americans, are "the future". And that you are not.

  9. and they will grow up disappointed. you guys should have learned your lesson with win8

  10. aww the cute wittle babies

  11. Lol my dad didn't even notice that Windows icon on his taskbar

  12. Lol my dad didn't even notice that Windows icon on his taskbar

  13. Windows : Planning to make WALL-E a reality faster than ever.

  14. sees windows logo "Hey cool."

  15. visit my channel for a funny parody I made of this commercial ;)

  16. I downgraded windows 10 Because I Hate it.

  17. She's quite breathtaking.

  18. Came here to voice how ugly these babies are yet it seems everyone else already agrees! They could turn out to be beautiful adults but holy hell, those are some ugly kids. At the same time, it's memorable because of just how ugly the kids are. So perhaps that was the marketing department's plan all along. Well done, Microsoft (as I type this on my iPad).

  19. Microsoft is a leech in the tech industry.. no innovation, only attempts to consume as much of the market as possible

  20. sorry to say it. the 1st baby is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen in my life

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