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Introduction to Windows 10 | Tutorial & Guide for Beginners 2017

In this tutorial, we cover how to use Windows 10 and find many useful functions. Topics covered include Desktop, Microsoft Edge Browser, Windows Explorer, Ninite ,Useful Hotkeys – Windows Button, Print Screen, Start Menu, Windows Store, Exe Files (Installing Programs), Settings, Log Off, Shutdown, Sleep Mode

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13 Comments on Introduction to Windows 10 | Tutorial & Guide for Beginners 2017

  1. Wish i saw this vid 2 week ago i tried copy my windows folder to bigger hard drive then deleted it from smaller one cos im a noob lol…question tho…when i try record my screen it says cannot access settings try later…but if i close the game and do it then gamebar appears?

  2. 9:21 That would be very UNlikely.

    I hear such a lot of car horns. Do you have doors or Windows open?

  3. FUCK WIN 10. you are the worst op system. wheres my god damn gmail shortcut. try to get one. Your now a whore of a company! watch your stock plummet! FUCK U MICROSOFT!

  4. I just activate my windows 10 from link use a key. Great works.

  5. Although you have a "checklist" you waffle too much and wonder off the subject – confusing m8

  6. You could have a try, works like a charm!

  7. Great video, do you know how to fix a problem I'm having with my Windows. The program is opened and shows so on the Taskbar but there is no window open. If I hover the mouse arrow over the ico in the Taskbar, it shows the program running just fine. I've rebooted my computer and scanned it a millions times and can't figure out this problem!

  8. not very comprehensive or useful for using windows10.. a waste of time

  9. Great lesson Chris. Thanks

  10. man if you cant have good sound then stop doing crappy vids

  11. Superb tutorial ! Kudos dude !….how do i slow you down a bit ??? Hehehehe…for me you talk too fast …, Otherwise it is perfect ! Am subscribed now….., More power! ????

  12. Just found this video went a bit fast, and the speaker definitely spoke too fast. However, I did find a few things that were helpful.

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