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Kevin Mitnick: Live Hack at CeBIT Global Conferences 2015

He is the most famous hacker of the world – and at CeBIT Global Conferences 2015 he performs a hack live on center stage: Kevin Mitnick.

20 Comments on Kevin Mitnick: Live Hack at CeBIT Global Conferences 2015

  1. @32:15 Arduino nano hahaha! He uses it too!!

  2. is there a list of the tools used in all these examples?

  3. host is an arshole stupid jerk idiot

  4. Good to see him turn his life around. Very entertaining.

  5. taking it to another notch

  6. I hope all those people changed their numbers

  7. That dude's social security number…rekt.

  8. "mcafee is good for one thing. Making videos" -Kevin Mitnick 2015

    Everybody knows mcafee sucks, but now you hear it from the legend himself.

  9. i want that card :/

  10. this guy is just awesome

  11. I hope that woman found her way home :-)) What a case…

  12. I miss the days when I was 6 …typing command prompts into green DOS font, CMOS and BIOS, then 5th grade editing levels for Doom and Doom II, thought I was the cats ass for having a 56K dial up first kid from Comp Usa by US Robotnics, and freshman year highschool first kid with external purple CD writer, I miss technology of old to be honest.

  13. The interviewer is a pompous douche. And why does he keep staring at his phone? In a live interview??

  14. 7:23 "Who comes up with these terms by the way? Phone phreaking and dumpster diving? (Look of dismissal/condescension)" Wow, you're a tech journalist? Go home and read up.

  15. God.. .this happened to me 2 years ago lol i saw Run and some stuff flash across my screen for a moment and next thing my PC is being bombarded by trojans and they put a rootkit on it too, been trying to figure out how they did it for a while, at the time i had my External Drive plugged in for long periods of time, never again while i'm connected to the internet, if i use it then my internet will be disconnected. Didn't think nothing of it at first until things started acting funny then they tried to take control of my PC, they tried to move my mouse and do stuff with my internet because i have an old PC it was much too slow for them, so i bombarded them with Task Manager windows lmao xD, i've used Remote softwares before when i got someone to fix the resolution in a game on Steam because it kept going too big… looks exactly like that because it uses the same control center of your PC.

    Anyway i restarted my computer to knock them off and i think they got pissed off about that so they hit my computer with a lot of nasty virus's to the point my Hard Drive got severely Fragmented very quickly, the virus's were just sending all my files into complete chaos, it was like that for a few days, didn't really know what was going on because i didn't know much about hacking except i suspected the hacker put virus's on my PC making it do this. Next once again i'm on my computer doing my own buisnss on an infected computer lol… and then BOOM screen of death… and next thing i discover the External Drive i had was fucked and my Hard Drive was also fucked…. so that hacker destroyed both drives at once… but little did i know that it was my External Drive they were taking control from… urgh… and look how easy it is? omg lol never again will this happen… some hackers are just the worst… they destroy drives for kicks…

  16. List of tools/techniques used in the video:

    19:18 – BadUSB[1]
    25:34 – Adobe Acrobat Reader – malicious PDF
    27:56 – Proxclone – cloning RFID cards
    35:19 – Tracers Information Specialists, Inc.[2] – Social Secure Numbers
    37:23 – VitalSearch-California[3] – Birthdates and Middle name
    38:50 – WiFi Pineapple
    47:04 – SMS Spoofing
    55:00 – Java Signed Applet
    58:17 – SMB Relay Attack

    Some key take-aways:

    For Users:
    1. Update Adobe Acrobat Reader to latest version
    2. Update Antivirus signatures
    3. Don't Plug-in USB Flash disks from unverified source
    4. Disable JavaScript in Adobe Acrobat Reader
    5. Configure Firewall to filter egress connections.
    6. Do NOT join any Open Wireless Network.
    7. Call verify weird SMS as they can be spoofed.
    8. Turn off Java or pay close attention to Publisher field in the Java applet.

    This is most likely for companies:
    9. Implement IDS/IPS where possible.
    10. If you have RFID cards on-site, add PIN-codes to doors, implement anti pass-back to avoid tailgating. If you are high-tech use face recognition verified with the internal directory.


  17. Audio and video out of sync.. Come on CeBIT!!

  18. According to the audience's reaction I doubt they were technical. At the end they are scared, if that was the purpose of the presentation, then Good job Kevin. In my honest opinion: That's not what audience needed. They need education of how to protect themselves. Not to be afraid of technology.

  19. lol hes showing off sms spoofing like its some elite hacker thing, lol 13 year olds can do that

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