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League of Legends HACKS?! (Master Yi BOTRK Hack)

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Okay so in this video I recorded spontaneously sorry for looking homeless, I found legitimate HACKS in League, first time in 4 years seeing anything like this. Was very surprised to see 0 detection systems or software, oh well, here we go to Reddit. Please share and discuss guys this has to be fixed.

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20 Comments on League of Legends HACKS?! (Master Yi BOTRK Hack)

  1. hhahaha ko pondan ke?

  2. when you think of league hack, you think like God mode or like infinite cooldowns, but there
    is some script hackers, they have like auto dodges or smithing like it

  3. try this hack it's amazing
    and easy just write name of account and it's will be hacked

  4. anyone looking for working lol hacks, this is the one i use more then year. now i wanna share it! discover it yourself

  5. Pretty sure Riot is selling this stuff themselves (of course not as "Riot"). What did they make LoL for? They copied DOTA (from WC, not the new on), so they could make money with it. Nothing more.

    The core gameplay is ganking. Ganking is defined as griefing behavior, attacking someone so he/she got no chance to survive. So the core gameplay of LoL is to give a fuck about a fair fight. And then why not cheat?

    Riot would only have a problem with hackers if people would stop to play their game and stop to pay money for shitty grafics and wallpapers. But they don't. There are thousands and millions of videos showing people hacking and still people deny that it is possible. So why should Riot ban them? These cheaters also pay money. And that's all what matters for Riot.

  6. shit looks like gunz duel hack , ijji

  7. have you sqeen like me on aram the hack with a rumble with items who is playin normal and than suddenly changes so he can't lose hp you do 0 dmg even with darius ult veigar ult cait ult ? but he can't basic attack in that mode

  8. this isnt a quote on quote "Standard hack" from an outside source. Its a glitch that abuses some of the functionalies of LoL like item Refunding.

  9. Don't be mad :D

  10. So much bullshit tell by your mouth in this vid :/

  11. Coulda at least put a clean shirt on LMAO

  12. lol gamers who plays stupid when facts about hack cheat is all over lueage use 100% cheat!

    over 70 % of lol gamers use hack! ther is a feed / hack war in this game!

    hack and feed in not the only hack methods. profils get hacked. people use gold/item/life hack. they sit 8 players to a pc net party and feed on people. they feed 7-8 vs 3-2 having 2-3 players at the enemy team to support them.

    lol knows about all this, because when you report people ther is different reports you can those.

    the reason they cant do anything about it, is because these hacks was made by lol them self to start with! to understand my point you have to know about the makers of this game. a group of noobs who sucked at all games, nerds with no life made this game to have something they was best to. when they was defeted in ther own game by pro gamers. they made these hack modes! 

    today they dont care about the game, but use clans who is noobs like them to feed on people. the clan gets the points and the fake image, and the owners get the money! understand?

    so the owners support these clans who have no skills, and noob no lifed / no skilled special treatment mongols with these cheat. so new games when they make a profil they get trapped and the first period dont understand the corropt system. then he buys skins, or something els from lol. to be better! but that money will be lost, no matter how good / skilled this solo pro gamer is. in the end he will be cheep for lols corropt clans! 

    this game is corropt, clans who is the worst players in the real world, no life get the image of the pro gamer. so the nerd/mongol think he is the best! and the owners get the money! this game want to put the devil in heaven and god in hell! the people lol support with hack have no skills. people/faggots like that who knows they only can win by cheat, who thinks he is the best. and can leve wiht that… have no life! 😀

    it is a corropt system that feed on peoples image and money! and like menny other games this game will soon be send to court! people most know about this cheat/corroption! and lol most pay.

  13. I think you're just bad.

  14. its no hack its just master yi is op

  15. fucking obviously its the glitch that you just cant see his op items.

  16. check out L# so usefull

  17. No, Riot dosen't have an anti-cheat software, and it's pissing me of. You have no idea how many obveous hackers I've seen in my 1,5 years of League. Riot is simply too busy with all the "offensive and not offensive" stuff, and forgets about this thing. If this is a bug or so, I cant tell, but Riot really need to fix this cheating problem League obveously (for me) has. Mabye it's their "pride" holding them back beliving that "nobody can cheat in our game, it's inpossible" i dont know.

  18. full build yi kills you faster than this hack

  19. Am late… but wow, 1 hacker in league of legends and u blame their "bad" hack detection -.-

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