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Learn Basics Window WORDPAD Techniques – Personal Computer Tutorial

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Learn how to use with Basic Window WORDPAD Techniques.
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36 Comments on Learn Basics Window WORDPAD Techniques – Personal Computer Tutorial

  1. Sir mere system se wordpad delete ho gya hai recover kese karu

    वर्डपैड की फुल जानकारी हिंदी में

  3. Is there a word pad textbook what the name textbook.

  4. *CAn you do a tutorial on how i can break pages and add number on the bottom right?

    Thank you. i'm really desperate right now!!

  5. Spell check is what got me here and I'm still nearer

  6. How change an interval in Wordpad?

  7. Using a 6 yr old vid tutorial = old non-tech man abilities.

  8. How can I make a column?

  9. how do I print a document from the word pad or my documents?

  10. damn this shit is old ima use wordgrinder yo

  11. my spell check is on but does not work. so what do I do

  12. Trying to print and the computer saying I am off line how to correct that?

  13. I don't know about older people but this is the first lesson in computer science -_- i just wanna know how to make columns

  14. The margins don't STAY at what I set them to!

  15. Scanned a document from my printer to wordpad to edit and now it has a bunch of unreadable letters that i dont understand.. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

  16. To much on print, etc. and nothing on what we want to know.

  17. All right. I want this woman on my payroll so she can explain Anything I don't understand in life.
    One of the BEST teachers I've ever heard.

  18. All I wanted was spell check!

  19. Awsome video, very helpful tips.

  20. Very good tutorial. Keep up the good work!

  21. Does anyone know how to turn a word in wordpad in to a hyperlink?

  22. where can I find tools I want to change the language?

  23. poda onnumey pooriala

  24. Or does it automatically happen

  25. How do u add a page

  26. añadir carpeta llamada practica

  27. Great I Fixed my Scrolling & things not even Specifically  mentioned Just by seeing her do Other things I Thought  hey that same Principle could work  paused video opened 4 Docs with different Faults & Fixed them Just by watching her do similar actions. Cheers 

  28. How do you get rid of the page numbers when you print the papers?

  29. HOW Do I make it stop automatically double spacing?! I'm trying to type up a resume, this does not look professional! I need help!

  30. WordPad is shite. When I used word, I could do my invoices and send them no problem. Now with WordPad, clients cant open them as they use different systems. Cant even save it as a PDF. Am I missing something or is this the worsed software ever?

  31. Very little of this video was actually about WordPad.. most of the video was either basic windows functions or printing documents. 🙁

  32. is there a way to change the background on wordpad on windows 8?

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