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Let’s Play Final Fantasy VIII #017 – Card Hacking

In this episode, I show a glimmer of power from the almighty Card mod ability.

Recommended Abilities for Diablos: Time Mag-RF, HP-J, Mug, Enc-Half, Enc-None, ST Mag-RF, HP+20%, HP+40%, HP+80%, Mag+20%, Mag +40%

Recommended Setup
Zell: Ifrit, Siren, ST Def-J Silence, Str-J Curaga, Mag-J Sleep, Str+60%
Squall: Shiva, Diablos, Str-J Blizzaga, Mag-J Curaga, Str+60%
Selphie: Quezacotl, Draw, Magic, Card, Mag-J Curaga, Str+60%

I did not figure out everything about Triple Triad on my…

27 Comments on Let’s Play Final Fantasy VIII #017 – Card Hacking

  1. wasn't the biggest fan of this ff as kid, but triple triad may be one of my favorite things from any ff game.

  2. Been replaying the PC version, subsequently watching some videos air the game, and suddenly this came up in my recommendations.

    Bloody hell, eight years ago? Doesn't feel like that long ago that I watched you completely break this game in your usual fashion in ways I hadn't thought of yet.

  3. Where did you get that Zell card????

  4. Triple Triad is the real game. FF8 is the minigame.

  5. Aww 2010 but only now I see this amazing video. Thanks for the help fine zir

  6. It's been a long time I've played that game but watching this LP for fun remembers me how stupid I was to keep those freakin rare cards of the characters and not using them like HCBailly does here… I just liked the graphics so much of the pictures that I didn't want to refine them…bummer

  7. My god, FF8 is "Busy Work: The Game"

  8. it's Quistis actually

  9. At this point I played the card game so much, I got to upgrade Squall's weapon to the last weapon before his ultimate.. I believe it was called Twin Punisher or something. 

  10. Love the simpsons reference! 

  11. I cant get the queen of cards to go to dollet every time its galbadia 🙁

  12. Hello HCBailly, i play final fantasy 8 on french and i would like you to send me a image of try – face to make LV Death for Quistis, also if we refine rare cards like Seifer, Zell or Quistis cards is there anyway to get them back? Thanks

  13. I don't use Selphie much I stick with Squall, Qtitus, and Rinoa

  14. you're wasting those abilities on shitty GFs

  15. Efffin… GENIOUS!!!

  16. only adults can play children's card games!

  17. I honestly would have just card modded all but the level 5 and rare cards

  18. Dammit, why didn't I check this before I went on the timber quest? I'm stuck at that bloody zombie boss. I will get it down eventually, it's just insane how quickly overpowered you can get in this game by just playing the card game (which luckily, is a pretty fun mini-game)

  19. Let's resolve our differences with A CHILDRENS CARD GAME!

  20. This is amazing…I actually want to play the game again now 😮

  21. @HCBailly you can also get the quistis card from the "quistis trepe" on the second floor in the classroom ( you can even get it before the fire cavern)

  22. Zell and Squall fused together there at the beginning and turned into Tidus.

  23. Space Balls. Classy.

  24. Hm. Not sure I agree with Card Modding rare cards. I know I said in a Comment a few videos ago that I hated this game. That opinion's since changed. Loving Triple Triad now. Can I get some of the rare cards I'm modding again later?

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