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Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) Tips & Tricks + Hidden Features

OS X El Capitan hidden features + tips and tricks video is live! go check it out!

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In my last video, I gave you guys a full indepth tour of OS X Yosemite. In this video we will take a look at some hidden features and some tips and tricks. Please share the video and spread it!…

19 Comments on Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) Tips & Tricks + Hidden Features

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  2. Mac OS X El Capitan Hidden Features + Tips & Tricks :

  3. Finally a video with stuff I didn't know about! Thanks!

  4. great
    and its very use full

  5. how did you get the soccer fixtures +TheiTeckHq

  6. >Best way your mac and macbook Speed up.

  7. Awesome vid, really helped

  8. Wondering how to install Android M on your Nexus device? I have got a tutorial for that as well!

  9. how did you screen recorded your mac screen?

  10. Thanks for the tips! I had no idea that you could mirror your iPhone's or iPad's display onto your MAC. That's actually pretty cool.

  11. How did you get to the page at 2:13???

  12. annoying voice… I cant watch, I ll pass :))

  13. love the yosemite on my mid 2011 imac. woohooo

  14. great work, cool. thanks

  15. It could be that some people don't want the translucency feature on, despite having a brand-new computer. Hm?

  16. Thank you everyone for 400 likes 😀 

  17. does anybody know how to Get rid of OS X Yosemite???? I Hate this update Please help this update fucking SUCKS!!

  18. I would have preferred if you had taken a bit more time to do things step by step. For instance, how to change from front facing camera to iPad for mirroring. Still can't find it.

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