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Make the Most of Your AirPods! (How to Use AirPods Properly!)

Find Your AirPods!
How to Setup AirPods on a Windows 10 Computer!
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Make the Most of Your AirPods! And how to use them Properly!

Welcome to the Make the most…

38 Comments on Make the Most of Your AirPods! (How to Use AirPods Properly!)

  1. Wow…did anyone see the earwax in the airpod at the start? I guess I pay to much attention to detail….That should have at least cleaned first. Good video though!

  2. Thanks for the reply – I have a 5 with a dying battery. Was just told it can't be repaired. We're in the throes of trying to decide if we should stay with ATT or switch to Verizon. Also, I like the air pods but bummed that anything higher than a 6 doesn't have a ear phone jack, sometimes I don't want to use the AirPods
    Feel like it's a losing battle

  3. When I tapped bluetooth, I didn't see options on the screen. Only " Disconnect, Forget this device, Name…no choices like you had on your screen I have an iPhone 5 btw

  4. U kinda sound like Mickey no offense

  5. I just got my AirPods 2 yesterday and when I turn my phone off and on the pitch and speed of the songs I’m listening to changes. Idk if this is Normal or if my pair are defaulted or something. Can anyone help?

  6. How do I answer a call w/ AirPods? I usually have the left one in even when not listening to music. If I’m not next to my phone I don’t know how to take a call.

  7. My dad bought me the knock off ones and man I’m in fourth grade wth can a I use them for like what biugsiytvsjygvsuysvugsvts

    Man I’m cringe ;-;

  8. How to connect cwl ??

  9. One tip. Get a silicone case for the airpods case. The case is made of plastic obviously and is super easy to scratch it.

  10. you can also go to settings and control center, then enable the “hearing” widget, when you touch the hearing widget on ur phone and enable “live listen” you can listen to the conversations around you while still listening to ur music

  11. I have wire airpods not wireless

  12. Thanks so much for this great video! I wasn’t aware until today that Find My iPhone could be used to locate the AirPods. Excellent!

    But I found out that it doesn’t work well to find them if they’re stored in the case with the lid closed. If they are, there wouldn’t be an audible signal. Apparently the audible feature is intended to be used if there’s a missing pod that’s fallen out of your ear, etc.

    But Find My iPhone still maps them to narrow down the location – your house, friend’s house, etc.

    But still a good feature!

  13. My mom gave me her old AirPods that are connected to her phone.
    Is there a way that I can connect them to my phone, like I can change the settings on my phone?

    I really don’t know if this makes sense 0-0

  14. I had an airpod fall out of my ear and thought aha! I have findmyphone and also had phonemyairpods.well..its only the CASE that makes sound…not the pod you lost so that feature, if you lost one of the ear buds, its useless. If you get lucky and lose them in the case then you will be able to use the findmyphone app

  15. everybody coming in here after christmas

  16. How do I answer the phone with the air pods?

  17. Where did you get your Apple charging station?! I need that…

  18. hlo sir please help me in my matter
    some one say me that the i cloud of iphone 5s can Autumatic save my messenger messages and pics

  19. Damn that's discusting. Dont you think it would have been a good idea to clean those airpots prior to making a video with them. 0:11

  20. r they any good for talking, bcoz i have tried various bt talking devices and found them not good for streaming but not for talking ( breaking, distort noise, dealys )how r they for talking purpose, anyone let em know

  21. Thanks for the video! I just got these gifted to me for an anniversary and MAN this are awesome and your video helped me make them even better. Thanks alot for this detailed video. Keep up these awesome videos.

  22. thank you great video , just can we answer the call like pick up straight by tapping twice ?

  23. They should allow triple-tap för play pause, skip songs. And double tap får volume or something.

  24. Why I can use AirPods to listen music but not able to answer calls?? This is frustrating

  25. How to use with Xbox one

  26. How do you get AirPods to work as a lavalier mic when recording a video?

  27. question, if the airpods are fully charged and kept inserted in the case, will the case lose charge by just keeping them inside the case, since they are technically always charging inside?
    Also, i cant find anywhere what does the . button on the case do?

  28. You talked about cleaning your ipods, but did not indicate on how to do this. Could you tell us ?

  29. How do you clean it?

  30. Is it recommended to sleep with them? I like listening to music in bed, it helps me fall asleep. Thank you!

  31. Can we take pictures by AirPods like the regular headphones? ????

  32. Your channel should have way more subs. I have never seen someone put so much into a video without being paid by the brand.

  33. Hi, nice video. I'd like to remind also that AirPods it doesn NOT work as a bluethoot microphone while you are shooting a video. The native camera app does NOT let you use it as a mic, also the famous Filmmic Pro does NOT let you use bluetooth mics. The only one I personally found is Movie Pro that lets you use bluetooth mic and so AirPods to record.

  34. One feature I love about Airpods is that if you switch between Apple devices the pairing is automatic. With 3rd party headphones (I also use LG Tone Infinim) you have to go to the settings on the most recent device to switch it on, it is not automatic. In ear fit is the main issue with Airpods but they fit in my ears just fine.

  35. Good information. Thank you. The "Find-my-airpods" segment is especially useful.

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