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Mario 64 HACKED – Part 1 (CHAOS EDITION!)

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PeanutButterGamer plays Mario 64 CHAOS EDITION! A hacked ROM of Mario 64. – Part 1 of ???

ROM created by Kaze Emanuar! (You can DL the ROM here too.) –

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20 Comments on Mario 64 HACKED – Part 1 (CHAOS EDITION!)

  1. the cake…. IS A LIE

  2. I have a genius idea, have your friend play this, and just name it Mario 64. Or if you REALLY want to go that far, throw it on a reproduction cart of the game.

  3. I love you so can you do a part 25 of super mario 64 cauos adition

  4. I love you so can you do a super mario 64 caous adition

  5. I love you so can you do part 25 of super mario 64 cause odes hen please

  6. You can turn into metal and wing Mario at the same time but it never happens once in the series

  7. Ah, the time when Chaos was novel to PBG, and it hadn't yet left those terrible scars in his soul.

  8. Austin, you have no idea how lucky you are. "Why?" you ask? It's Nintendo-related, that's all I'm going to say.

  9. so today im watching the whole series. who else is too


  11. computers are very aggresive to play with games

  12. I have never watched any of your PBGGameplay videos since the minecraft series. I shall now watch this again, I like this channel again.

  13. 1:24
    That is my new BG •3•

  14. 12:38 just zoom in to inappropriate body parts in a kid's game. xD

  15. 3:11 2 Words: Were all just very high.
    7:38 Now were as fabulous as Pewds.

  16. Shoulda tried to get in the cannon when he was huge mario

  17. This is Mario on drugs.

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