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Mario 64 HACKED – Part 10 (TRIPPY LAVA LAND!)

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PeanutButterGamer plays Mario 64 CHAOS EDITION! A hacked ROM of Mario 64. – Part 10 of ???

ROM created by Kaze Emanuar! –

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20 Comments on Mario 64 HACKED – Part 10 (TRIPPY LAVA LAND!)

  1. is it coincidence that I always get beer advertisement before I watch this Chaos Edition videos?

  2. i have a hack is calld windcap monster

  3. Wtf what hapen to you???

  4. why does everything hate and attack you?

  5. Could get metal Mario in that level

  6. Causes of death in this series:
    4:everything flying at you
    5:you messing up

  7. 11:07 Did you spot the potato in the background?

  8. you should get the metal cap it may help when everything is after you

  9. My plan would rather be to stop playing the game.

  10. x3 you're new style sound like a mating call

  11. I would've laughed if the game crashed during your outro.

  12. He is in a very manic relationship with this game………

  13. 9:56 to be fair the bullies can't go back up if they get kicked in that's pretty fair

  14. You should play fnaf. It's a really fun game

  15. Gerald's Pizza Shop actually exists.

  16. the video was short

  17. The sims overlay was awesome.

  18. This wouldnt be so painful if you didnt randomly lose health…

  19. Haha sims is life!!! :)

  20. You sounded like jontron yelling

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