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Mario 64 HACKED – Part 6 (LOOKS NORMAL!)

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PeanutButterGamer plays Mario 64 CHAOS EDITION! A hacked ROM of Mario 64. – Part 6 of ???

ROM created by Kaze Emanuar! –

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20 Comments on Mario 64 HACKED – Part 6 (LOOKS NORMAL!)

  1. Pill Hi The Science Pie.

  2. the end made me laugh the most!!! I don't wanna! I don't wanna! I don't wanna I'm a sign! why am I here? what is the purpose of life? HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????

  3. Turn on captions at 6:20 X3

  4. pls bring back ;-;-;

  5. This is how it feels to possess someone on LSD.

  6. Can you make a Mario 64 ds review?

  7. For this one, no, it does want to get easy stars, you just suck. JUST SAYING.

  8. yes it does launch you. it really is shoot into the wild blue! XD

  9. 5:42 When the veiw was going crazy, it look liked a Super Mario 64 Movie

  10. How come you keep playing this game and you still haven't lost your sanity???

  11. Did anyone notice that pbg once called Mario link

  12. in the whole series he dies 437 times

  13. Okay so I know that this video has been uploaded a long while ago, so commenting this won't have much effect xD But those "random bubbles" and not all that random. In an earlier episode you also said that the cannon was shooting bubbles and not cannonballs. But that's actually normal in that level xD They're supposed to shoot bubbles there.

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