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Messing with a “Microsoft” scammer

I’ve been getting calls from scammers claiming to be from the “Windows technical department” telling me that my computer has errors. I set up a virtual machine and waited for the next unsolicited call. Here’s what happened.

20 Comments on Messing with a “Microsoft” scammer

  1. The line 'Hello we're with Windows technical support'. It should be Microsoft, not Windows. That's like if I worked at Walmart but said 'Hello I work for Snickers Chocolate Bar as a Cashier'.

  2. Great video man, enjoyed watching

  3. use commando 'netstat' next time in the cmd dos box. There are all your connections

  4. Scammer Number 1 844 579 8543

  5. 1234? If he was just trying to lock you out of your computer out of spite he could have just button mashed the keyboard, that would have left you with a password nobody would guess.

  6. i think i laughed a little to hard when he said that cheezits are pretty good,lol

  7. "1234"

    Hahahaha, I don't know why, but I found that hilarious.

  8. I like how he talks to you like you're the retard who fell for it XD

  9. 1234 Fucking Dumb Indian Guy….

  10. ik this is racist but So how does your armpit smell? cuz it smells like a dirty samosa RIGHT!!! lol xD

  11. HaHaHa f*ck that guy this is REKT :)) fu***g hackers

  12. picks my state then fangirls XDD

  13. I received a call today!! I wasn't aware of tbh, but I knew it was a scam and managed to play along for 25 whole minutes! They are terrible! Despite me telling the first Indian guy I knew it was a scam, they play it down trying to convince me they are definitely from Microsoft Windows Technical Help Team (or similar). They told me my PC was infected with malicious code but didn't even know if was turned on or off or what OS I had?! As it was on I decided to play along to see at what point they would 'have me'. I'm then transferred to a technical person.

    I can see how they prey on the vulnerable or IT illiterate. Everything is done from Windows+R command window, starting with 'cmd' and them trying to convince you of their legitimacy by just reading out the 'Microsoft Corporation' part at the top! Ha ha.

    Interestingly, I asked for his name and their phone number and was given 2030516812. I was told he was in London and to ask for David Wilson in the Windows Tech Team. (Please call and found out and wind him up more!)

    I was then asked to type 'assoc' where they then just confirm the CLSID. Then it was 'eventvwr'. Now they just get you to filter the errors and warnings and say this is all the malicious code on your PC! Really! So here it comes.

    Another DOS window and you're asked to type ''. This is where I declared my hand after 25 min and repeated everything they had gone through in technical detail from the beginning re-iterating it was a scam. The Indian guy just said "You sir, are a fool!" I said I'm not because I know what your intentions are. He said "So why don't you end the call?". So I did.

  14. Cheezits are good.

  15. Using VMWare virtual machine? LOL Gosh I love to do such pranks against such scumbags!!

  16. Hey dude at the end you should play Rick Roll and MLG videos for fun

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