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Microsoft 3D Builder Tutorial: How to Create Models for 3D Printing

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Microsoft’s beginner-friendly 3D modeling app 3D Builder for creating your first 3D models and professional 3D prints.

3D Builder is a free Windows app that lets you view, capture, personalize, repair, and print 3D models. Users either start from scratch by combining simple shapes, or download any kind of given 3D file from an online database. They can then edit these models using the 3D modeling space. 3D Builder even includes a feature to turn…

49 Comments on Microsoft 3D Builder Tutorial: How to Create Models for 3D Printing

  1. Excellent tutorial. Thank you.

  2. This is from 2016, which means isn't this outdated?

  3. i just load anything from library and then throw it away with lay flat

  4. I want a 3d printed ace of spades from destiny but I dont have a 3d printer. Why am I watching this?

  5. Can you use the models for video game development?

  6. I can hear the band next door practicing.  So annoying

  7. i am the 1000th liker

  8. Dec. 11, 2018—-Thank you for this video as I don't know anything about CAD drawing which is something I need to learn so I can print my own projects. Getting back into modeling, but this time instead of aircraft/armor, it will be 1/35th scale zombie/ apocalypse dioramas. Wanting mine to be real as possible (an oxymoron I know), been looking at every day things, things people don't think about. Such as a mailbox, the old, large, fully enclosed phone booth, those bolted to the side of some stores wall and dumpsters of various sizes. With the basic cube shape and some modification, I can build a mailbox and as plain cubes, my phone booths and dumpsters. With a hollow cylinder, I can make garbage cans used in homes, fences, picnic tables/benches. The only limitation is ones imagination and of course, being able to use CAD. And making multiple copies at one time.How ever, I have NO interest in using your printing company due to cost. Looking at buying the resin Anycube 3D printer which I believe will give me the best resolution for my needs.

  9. At 9:39, that's a trombone player, not a trumpet player!

  10. Your suck like a dick

  11. Is no one going to talk about the pigguin?

  12. I am trying to make a model but i can't merge shapes because i can only select one shape.

  13. Hey what is contour emboss? Thanks. X

  14. Superb,thanku,many 3d bulider object

  15. that isnt a trumpet

  16. Question. I found a statue I would like to print out on my 3D printer. Not for commercial interests. Just to have. I have the video….but how do I download/copy this into a form where I can 3d print it? Any help is MUCH appreciated! Thats the link to the statue I'm talking about…..

  17. Really cool!! thanks

  18. Sorry, you talk too fast as if it's a Pub conversation. You call this tutorial? I have no option but to ask you directly. Can this program make models like post and signs or moving boom gates for railway crossings then import them in a video game editor, such as Men of War – Gem Editor? I also want to add moving cars and farm animals as well. Does this program do that? I have to ask, I have to start somewhere. Thanks.

  19. this helped me a lot, thank you 🙂

  20. It's fun to use, but after a couple of bolean operations the model is rendered completely useless. The polygon count can reach hundreds of thousands on a single flat surface, it's ridiculous.

  21. don't forget to speed up the video from settings, guys.

  22. Such a nice voice and accent.

  23. very nice sweet heart nice keep going

  24. loose the background 'music' – annoying…

  25. How can i dive in the other part like 6:24min? I don't manage this. Thanks.

  26. too expensive for this shit

  27. After saw , I 'm sad and hopeless

  28. I have some designs I made in builder to upload that designs in 3d builder library.

  29. FYI that is a trombone not a trumpet

  30. Why do I have the feeling that I can make a super detailed object right away?

  31. import sarcasm;
    function main() { boolean sBool; Sarcasm sarcasm = new Sarcasm(sBool) sBool = true; System.PrintLine(“You can speak fluent English at normal tempo speed with a completely regular accent. Well done!”); sBool = false;}

  32. Most videos I see on youtube regarding 3d builder- a free app on the windows store, do not show intricately designed structures, instead, I see inanimate objects being posted.

    This is just the beginning, this software is capable of rendering some more complex environments and buildings. check out this quick vid :

  33. I am using this for my Design Technology assignments

  34. can you use these in games insted of 3d printing?

  35. Podia ter legenda pra Br

  36. "Next, I'm going to upload a picture of a trumpet player" shows trombone player … Oooooooo god

  37. Can i use this to study molecular structure?

  38. Here is what is confusing everyone… THIS IS NOT MODELING SOFTWARE!!! Not like Blender3d or Meshmixer anyway. You don't get to be stretching or sculpting these objects with this program. This is ONLY to make small adjustments to size and placement of already modeled objects, to then be 3d Printed. Sure you might be able to make stuff with the basic shapes, build a caslte out of blocks or whatever, but that's about as far as you can go with this. Its a shame, could have really been something If you could manipulate objects better.

  39. <sarcasm>
    Well. Not little much of an problem. Go on a PC then you can change speed.

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