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Microsoft OneDrive – NEW Tutorial

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OneNote Tutorial:

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This video tutorial will show you how to use Microsoft OneDrive. Get to your files from anywhere, on any device, with Microsoft OneDrive. Share and work…

20 Comments on Microsoft OneDrive – NEW Tutorial

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  2. this thing is fucking sucks. Worked hard on a document and it is somehow switched back to earlier version without any chance to recove the last one

  3. Am surprised to see, In my one drive it shows 100 GB storage space. Any one can reply me how its possible.
    Note: I didn't upgrade the space by payment / I don't think I got it free.

    Please advise.

  4. Not really helpful. Never used software before and this was at a level beyond what a real beginner might need.

  5. I don't know who to ask and I've tried to find answers. I use word to do my long term school planning and then attach and insert pdf's so that a cover supervisor can have access to worksheets to deliver the planning, if necessary. But when I try to do this with word online it doesn't seem to be available. So this makes onedrive limited for me. Any answers?

  6. I've only used Google Cloud and Drop Box, but this seem very robust, specially that feature where it pulls text from images. That can be very useful. Thanks for the video.

  7. One Drive is a steaming useless pile of CRAP.

  8. Excellent presentation and good info.

  9. Thank you for your videos!!!  I can understand them 🙂

  10. I like your presentations , See most of them ! Keep creating more !

  11. Got a question……. I'm having a heck of a time with understanding how OneDrive actually works. As an example I have a back up hard drive on my laptop; "E Drive". I typically about once a week drag the "My Documents" folder over to E drive and replace the old "My documents" folder. I actually keep about three different ones, A, B, C then D,E.F etc. so I have three backups, not just one. I use Office 365 by the way. My question is if I have OneDrive (I do) on my laptop and drag my "My Documents" folder to OneDrive it makes a backup copy for me. I understand that part. But……… If I make a change to a document on my laptop is it automatically going to make the change to the document in OneDrive also? Or do I just have to keep using OneDrive like I currently use "E" drive. Also I have this on my phone and Surface Pro (coming next week). If I have OneDrive on my Surface Pro and then open a document on my Surface Pro that was/is in OneDrive and make changes to it, is it going to make those changes back to OneDrive (from my Surface Pro) and then to OneDrive that is linked to my Asus lapetop. Then if it does and I open the document on my Asus and make changes will those changes automatically show up on my Surface Pro, or my cell phone for that matter. Sorry if I "don't get it" but I simple don't get it.

  12. few old photos doesn't open…looks black…why?how can I get it..?

  13. make a video about visual studio

  14. Thank so much, very to the point and I look forward to your other videos. Subbed and Liked!

  15. thanks for the video!

    Is there a way to simultaneously save an excel or word file to one drive and my Mac at the same time?? Or is it two separate saves?

  16. MS Onedrive Does NOT work when you have multiple excel workbook linked to each others.
    I have many spreadsheets and many workbooks, they have formula linking each other for calculation with "SUMIF" and "IF" and others. last december everything broke.
    I kept redoing my links it kept breaking.
    I moved all my sheets to my computer and they work perfectly.
    So what is up with OneDrive?????
    BTW microsoft will not help fix this. I contacted them several times, they were all clueless over the phone.
    I am so frustrated…. I now have no back up and no way to access my work online.

  17. Well done – will be returning soon

  18. great video, thank you

  19. Do you have the 5tb information video, sharing 5tb with your family.

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