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Microsoft OneNote – 2018 Detailed Tutorial

Get ready to learn how to use OneNote. This comprehensive OneNote tutorial will have you getting organized in a hurry! Microsoft OneNote is a fantastic FREE productivity tool to help you organize your home, school or work life. Click the timestamps below to help navigate through this OneNote tutorial. Links mentioned in the video are below.

Learn OneNote on the iPad:
Using Google Drive with OneNote on iPad:
Save emails to OneNote:…

20 Comments on Microsoft OneNote – 2018 Detailed Tutorial

  1. Great video! Exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the good work!

  2. I have a question regarding the link portion of your video. You indicated that by adding the file as an attachment that creates a link to the document. I believe this is not true. I believe this creates a copy of the document because when you open it, you will see that a number version has been attached at the end of the file name. So if the document is called "Annual" for example, when you open it it will be called "Annual1" and unless you remember to "Save As" you can end up with a ton of versions of your document. There used to be a way in OneNote 2016 to right click on a page, select insert link and a dialogue box would open that would allow you to either search on the internet for the address you needed, but more importantly, it allowed you to search on a network drive. In this version, it is very frustrating to try to add a network address to the address bar. Sometimes the syntax won't work. I waste a lot of time trying to get the syntax in the address bar. Most of the files I am attaching are on a network drive and this function was very useful to me. It seems that now, this function is gone. Do you know of another way to be able to add a network address and what is a consistent way of typing this in so that one doesn't have to spend 1 hour or more looking for an answer. Sometimes, I will add links to a specific location without problem, but once I add the file name, it goes south from there. Help! Desperate in Wisconsin!

  3. or researcher not there either

  4. my one note has no stickers or math insert.
    what's wrong please anyone

  5. A hell lot of BS Advertisements!

  6. How can I group things (on onenote for mac), like text that I marked.

  7. I have a Mac. I'm not seeing "Meeting Details" and a search is not producing it. Is it not on my version?

  8. Great tips, especially the web clipper tip. I know you were using an iPad, would your tips work with a surface pro 6?

  9. Thank you so much, this was great!

  10. and is it possible to use speech to text in OneNote?

  11. what are the biggest differences between the 2016 version and this? For instance i can't find the insert date option in the latest app…?

  12. Very helpful and clear! Thank you.

  13. Hi,
    Great video, thanks so much! I am wanting to use OneNote to create an electronic brief of evidence. So I want to be able to read a report (created in word) and see the evidence that is tabulated to the report. I want the report to remain ok screen and then seen the tabs on the side…if that makes sense? Can you provide some advice please?
    Sydney, Australia

  14. thankyou for such great informative video. I learned a lot of new stuff which I would learn hard way after few months I earnestly thank you

  15. Great video with a lot of info. Kindly tell me is there any way of getting rid of this text box thingy, that appears when you type on a page. As you have mentioned there are many uses to it, but some people might do better without it. Thanks

  16. Can't share only one page, it only allows for sharing the Notebook, any help?

  17. So why did Microsoft decide to remove the right click pop up function to edit fonts?! I can't understand why it's gone on the desktop version…. but you can still use it on Onenote Online! Is there a way to turn this pop up font change functionality on or do I have to literally move my mouse up to the top of the screen everytime I want to edit my font?

  18. This is indeed a detailed and through tutorial! thanks a lot 😀

  19. I do not have the ruler option in one note, anyone knows what's happening?

  20. Wow. My Windows 10 One Note doesn't look like this at all. Do I need to buy a real version?
    All I get is one page where I can post notes sequentially.

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