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Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

Need to learn Microsoft OneNote? We’ve got you covered! This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about OneNote in less than 30 minutes.

Why do we love OneNote? There’s a list of reasons. It’s simple to use, FREE, and works on basically everything whether you’re on a Mac, Windows PC, Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad, etc. So while you may notice some slight graphical changes depending on what device you’re using OneNote on, basically everything should be the same.


26 Comments on Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

  1. What's wrong with this bloke's eyes?

  2. I wonder if Microsoft watched this video. Windows 10 added dictation (you press windows key + H), also they added the ability to search by tag

  3. Yo. I love the fact that you gave us a heads up before the ad (commercial break). Good content, bro.

  4. what a louzy video, as if a paid advertisement by Microsoft. It does not tell you that your info is stored not only on you computer but at So video does not cover security of your info. Does not cover how offcie365 asks you to to login some place, what ahappens if you do not have a mmicrosoft account and dont want to!

  5. Hi David. Can you share anything with people who do not use onenote?

  6. I started using Evernote several years ago but have since moved to OneNote for work and personal. I now note take digitally instead of paper-based. OneNote is superior in my view. Use it on PC, Surface Pro 4 and iPhone. Great tutorial thanks David.

  7. Pretty underwhleming that half the video is just for one feature (clipper) that I have no interest in.

  8. My only problem with OneNote is that when I try to turn it into PDF, it always gonna be in a mess.
    And it seems never going to synchronize between my devices timely.

  9. I am looking for a way to organize 15,000 entries on genealogy from libraries all over the country. This might work.

  10. Awesome tutorial. Thanks. I've had OneNote for awhile but was intimidated and didn't use it. Can't wait to start using it this weekend.

  11. Thanks for the tutorial, David.  I am a home health nurse, and we still use paper documentation.  I'd like to be able to scan in our nursing note and then be able to mark it up both with text boxes and with writing.

  12. I’m contemplating switching to OneNote as my Evernote desktop app for Windows is a pain to use. Can you view all notes and order by date created or date modified?

  13. Love the old Mac’s hanging on the wall! ????

  14. Great video David. Thanks for continuing to provide great content.

  15. The OneNote Desktop version that shipped with Office is so much better (only available for Windows), but unfortunately Microsoft is retiring it to make way for the app version (the one seen here). I really hope that down the line they bring all the features from the desktop version to the app version.

  16. OneNote is Fucken Trash

  17. the problem is, i need to sign/log in
    but when i log in, it says: can't login go to this site
    but when i log into that site it says the same, go to this site and that site it shows me is the same site i'm already in.
    Help :/

  18. Lost my intrest second insulted religion

  19. Can you scan documents with one note 2016 (I’m using a surface Go

  20. Any tips on how to use it for managing your finances?

  21. OneNote is a scam to get you to buy Microsoft's cloud storage. There's no way to backup your OneNote files on external storage devices. You work exclusively with OneDrive.

  22. Nice video. I'm new to this. Can OneNote be used on a Western Digital MyCloud?

  23. How can I organize my study material herr

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