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Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

Microsoft OneNote is a free application available for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android (phones and tablets), and is also accessible online. It’s a simple note taking app that competes with the very popular app known as Evernote (which we also have a class on!). In this tutorial, David will walk you through OneNote’s features and will offer several tips and tricks as well.

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20 Comments on Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

  1. Mr. David Cox. U R one great teacher. Are u ever going to do a tutorial about windows 10 ? BTW, I always wondered what the heck one note is. I think ive seen it on my phone. Heck I don't even know what to do with or what 3/4 of the apps on my phone do. Computer same thing. Thx for taking the time to do what u do. Surely do appreciate what u and others do to help others out.

  2. Your video was extremely Help! I have one question. It might be a Dumb Question but I will ask it any way. I just typed up a paper for class & I used ONENOTE on my mom's new MacBook Pro for school. I can't seem to get my paper to print up without losing part of my paper.(I lose the width) I have tried to do everything & I can't figure it out! Am I using the wrong program to type up a paper? HELP My paper is due

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  4. OneNote always wins for me. It has a lot more organization I can do with it.

  5. Its going to be in the Microsoft cloud? Then no…I will never use it. Just as I'll never use Winderz 10 after reading the Eula. I like my privacy and I don't trust MS's cloud. Its insane to actually assume that a piece of hardware … out there in the ether, sitting in a lonely building somewhere with a minimum wage security drone watching his phone to protect it, is secure. Don't buy the hype or the pretty colors, M$ cloud will be hacked, its just a matter of time. And users, it will be your fault because you bought the hype (there will be a eula to absolve MS of responsibility)

  6. One note on mac sucks! cause the pen input and handwrite to math is missing! . there are no other app out there that can do this on mac and its frustrating as hell! need a good app for my math notes :(

  7. OneNote unable to connect to windows live!!! How do you fix this??

  8. Nothing much at all unless you do the monthly payment plan. Evernote is far superior not only for that reason, but ease of use. I'm deleting One Note.

  9. I found the class informative and very helpful. I now feel I know how to utilize the program whereas I didn't before.
    Thank you.

  10. My onenote doesnt look like this…. not even close

  11. why are my notes in onenote CONSTANTLY disappearing after 10 seconds on my surface 3??? i keep restarting, but after zooming in to write, my recent writings will disappear. i'm not hitting the erase button or even touching the tablet. it just randomly disappears (sometimes when i start to scroll it will start to disappear!)

  12. EVERNOTE LOSES NOTES NO WAY TO GET THEM BACK!!! That's why I'm here!!!

  13. Thanks for the tutorial. I wonder if it's a good idea to use OneNote as a To Do list app. I'm currently using Wunderlist on my mac and really like it, although if you want more features they charge a monthly fee…which to me sounds crazy for a To Do list app! Any thoughts?

  14. Does OneNote now let you search tags? Or is it still an issue?

  15. Thank you, good class. I am a beginner at this and will watch this for reference again and again !

  16. Thank was great, thanks

  17. Very confusing presentation, for example describing Tables tools as Excel and switching to Evernote – not very professional at all

  18. how can you create and use a notebook template on onenote2015

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