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30 Comments on Microsoft Outlook 2016 – Tutorial for Beginners – 2017 How To Use Outlook on Office 365 Windows 10

  1. Thank you this is a great basic lesson on Outlook I appreciate it!

  2. I have outlook 2016 and i don't have tabs like file home send etc i just have home organise and tool how do i change to yours?

  3. Great intro. i love all your stuff , Since I'm new to outlook on the PC & Laptop I'm trying to find a way to organize some 500 emails I currently have on my phone & I'm looking for a way to move , file delete large groups of emails …or I'm stuck with having to go through each one ??

  4. I work at multiple work stations. When I create an archive folder at one station, it doesn't show up when I sign on at a secondary location. How do I make them show up at any work station I sign into?

  5. When you reply all, will it include emails that were BCC'd?

  6. Thanks. You said if we click z BCC the recepients do not see who received zz copy. So do we write z address on z BCC or we just clik it to sshow up thete

  7. I just downloaded windows 10 and the outlook that came with it, sucks, it doesn't even look close to the old style I can't seem to find to much on it.

  8. Thank you I have not been in an office in a long time,I forgot how to use an outlook program this helped a lot again thank you.

  9. I am sticking with a windows 7 version of Outlook which keeps telling me to update to a new browser because mine is out of date and no longer supported. No way – when the newer "better" version offers the same high quality quick and efficient service as the older I might think about it but for now I am sticking with the far superior older version.

  10. Good video, Thanks for the beginning start up.

  11. اردو ۔ پنجا بی ۔ پشتو اور۔ سرائکی ۔ موؤئ دیکھنے کے  طالب GM-USA

  12. It seems a lot like just a normal email service like g-mail,but it is just an application instead of a webpage? I am kind of wondering what the point is, unless it just has more storage for business?

  13. Very Helpful! Thanks!

  14. When I went to the windows icon and typed in "Outlook," Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 came up. So that means I don't have Outlook 2016 or Outlook 365, right? So you are saying then that it won't work with Windows 7?

  15. Will this work well with Windows 7?

  16. Thank You! was very helpful for me.

  17. Please help!!! How can I send an HTML file in an email?

  18. Thank you for making this simple.

  19. Thank you Thank you ????????

  20. Please get me back on

  21. Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Thanks for making the video on Outlook, it helped me be more comfortable with the tabs, buttons, and features in Outlook so I could send emails through the program.

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