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Microsoft Outlook 2016 – Tutorial for Beginners [+ General Overview]

[VOICE + TEXT] ***Thanks for 1100 amazing LIKES! ♥*** Get into a new Way of Learning Microsoft Outlook 2016. Outlook 2016 tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics.
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28 Comments on Microsoft Outlook 2016 – Tutorial for Beginners [+ General Overview]

  1. Comments that show "Technical support numbers" are straight deleted and flagged.

    Please do use the comment box properly according to YouTube ToS. Thank you!

  2. You have the most sweetest accent mam … Thank you for the incredible video .

  3. I love Skyrim!

  4. why do some emails display and other need manual viewing
    for example the bitcoin adds graphics are their while others are still hidden

  5. That Skyrim desktop shortcut tho.

  6. learn to speak english

  7. great video. thank you

  8. The pointy arrow is very fast. So it is hard to follow.

  9. I have a problem, at work in my outlook I have 3 different accounts (2 are not mine), when I log in I can see all 3 accounts in my folder window (far left window) where you have the outlooktutorial2@aolcom user. Now, if I right click on them and chose remove, will I be removing their inboxes just from my account's view, or will I be actually removing their inboxes from the program? It says "Careful if you remove this account it's offline cached content will be deleted" So I rather leave it as it is. But if I wont do this, Outlook will periodically ask me to type other users passwords which is annoying to me, and by no means should I be able to check their inboxes when signed in with my account only, which I can totally do! What is going on here?!? are our 3 account inboxes somehow joined? Please help me figure this out! Thanks.

  10. very helpful video. easy to follow and I love your accent. it's so glamorous sounding!

  11. Thanq so much for this nice & helpful tutorial !

  12. is this accent fo real or someone thinks its funny to impersonate some italian ? lol

  13. LOL 135dollhairs/year for an email program LOLOLOLOL. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT

  14. thank you…. beautiful accent

  15. I just started using Outlook and was very confused. Your video was extremely helpful! Keep making these videos. Love your accent. You were not difficult to understand as you spoke slowly and clearly. It did take me a minute to understand that you were saying 'archive' as you were pronouncing it 'achieve', but I'm sure if I tried speaking your language, I would not be able to pronounce everything correctly. Amazing job on this video! Thanks!

  16. Thanks was very useful, I'm going to work in an office for the first time and i have to learn this program

  17. hi i need t knw why when i mail with the custom background image. then in the receivers mail the image does not show up. please if you can help.

  18. Cool accent. I will not buy this recooord, it is scratched 😀 monty python fans will understand this 😀

  19. j'ai realise que vous etes francaise quand vous avez dit ''archive'' hhhh sinon, ca a ete superb.

  20. very helpful thanks a lot

  21. I have been locked out of my computer the login screen has an address at asking for a password I did not give what do I do thank you for your help or refer me to a link thanks again

  22. Is this basically like gmail from an android device?

  23. Hi, how can i change the layuot and design on outlook 2016?

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