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Microsoft Windows 8 Tutorial Part 10 of 12: Configuring Windows 2

Windows 8 Tutorial for Beginners, Level 1, This is lesson 10 of 12. Learn more about Windows 8 at In this Windows 8 Tutorial, you will learn:

10. Configuring Windows 2 (17:01)
Control Panel
Date & Time
Internet Time Servers
Display Size
Mouse Settings
Left-Handed Mouse Settings
Pointer Options
Windows Defender
Background Virus Scanning
Windows Firewall
Windows Update
Don’t Automatically Update
Desktop Personalize
Desktop Icon Settings

13 Comments on Microsoft Windows 8 Tutorial Part 10 of 12: Configuring Windows 2

  1. Let me ask you something..599CD, I'm supposed to have McAfee on my computer according to a certain company. I do not see it. All I see is Windows Defender but it doesn't show anything that would let me know I have McAfee..What do you think??

  2. Thankyou so very much. Your straightforward way of explaining how to work around windows 8 was brilliant. I was on the verge of punching the screen of my new laptop in sheer frustration. Using your tutorial, I have now set my laptop up like my old computer, and I have learnt some of the benefits of windows 8, which I will be using in the future. I cant recommend you highly enough. Carry on the good work..

  3. thank you so much , you are a very good teacher. I found very easy to understand. have a wonderful christmas 

  4. Thanks for the the tutorials!

  5. To use windows defender for first time users you will need to uninstall any existing anti virus program. Windows defender will not work, at least for me, until others are uninstalled

  6. I have a new laptop installed with Kaspersky that runs out soon. The Windows Defender is turned off. I am unable to turn it on through Control Panel > Windows Defender. It points me to Action Center, where I am also unable to figure out how to turn Windows Defender on. Thank you very much for all this valuable information 🙂

  7. I think Windows Defender is all you need.

  8. Should I replace McAfee with AVG? Or is Windows Defender good enough? I'm having a pretty bad experience with McAfee, but I've had AVG on other PCs and all was fine.

  9. OK. I answered the other question. As far as getting rid of McAfee (which I recommend you do!) just go into your Control Panel > Programs & Features > and UNINSTALL it.

  10. You should just have to go to Control Panel > Windows Defender > Settings and check on the box that says "Turn on real-time protection (recommended)." That's it. Now Defender should be working.

  11. Please answer the question below about turning on Windows Defender And How to get rid of MCaffee!!

  12. How do I turn ON Windows defender…I have a new HP PC. When I go to the control panel window defender it states Window Defender has been turned off. thanks.

  13. Whoever installed Windows on my machine installed the UK version. I think they just selected the wrong language on install. I only use that laptop for training, and it's not enough of a problem for me to bother reinstalling Windows…. AGAIN. 🙂

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