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Microsoft Word – 2018 Beginners Tutorial

This video tutorial will show you how to use Microsoft Word 2016 for beginners. Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing tool that is part of Microsoft Office. This is a detailed beginners tutorial, the below timestamps will help you navigate through the lessons that are covered. Looking for more? Let me know in the comments below what types of things you would like to learn in Microsoft Word 2016.

0:50 Starting up
1:14 Recent documents and pinning documents
2:00 Templates
2:53 Layout…

32 Comments on Microsoft Word – 2018 Beginners Tutorial

  1. would like to see next level of using Word

  2. You're such a great teacher. Thanks

  3. Jaime…will there be a hands-on demonstration where you'll be teaching at slower speed? And we can follow along with you doing the work from a separate window.

  4. This is so amazing, I am easily learning so much!

  5. i cant move the pic why help

  6. Do you guys know the best place to buy this? My new laptop didn't come with it as I hoped. Thanx alot!

  7. Please watch: "Advanced Excel Tutorial for Beginners #3 – IF, IF ERROR, IF AND & IF OR"

  8. To Teacher Tech the most tutorial I ever understood.. And it help me better then when I went to Microsoft computer training class. The teacher in the class never talked.

  9. Thank you very much. It's a Big help for me. Godbless.

  10. thank you this helped alot ,your very intelligent .

  11. This is so much easier to follow than many tutorials I've seen on youtube, which seem as if the instructor is getting paid to talk as fast as they can and cover as many subjects as they can without taking a breath or providing enough time for anything to sink in. Thanks for taking your time!

  12. dengan mempedulikan komentar ini kami menyatakan persetujuan terhadap persyaratan layanan you Tube

  13. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas

  14. Thank You! This is so helpful!

  15. Very informative and easy to understand. Thank you.

  16. Thanks for making these videos. i really learnt a lot from you. keep making "God bless you."

  17. Omg thank you so much ???????? I have a computer practical today hope i pass ????

  18. Great Tutorial Sir!thank you so much

  19. wow I like it very much I was using Microsoft word before but with big difficulty and much time spent for small things.after I watch this video I start doing my work easily and save much time.thank you very much.

  20. When you added a page number your footer text disappeared. Can you have both.

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