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Migrate Windows 10 to a USB drive as a Windows 10 To Go workspace (Tutorial).

This tutorial will show you how to clone an existing Windows 10 OS to an external hard drive or USB flash drive as a portable Windows 10 (Windows To Go workspace), then you can carry it to anywhere and use it on any computer.

WinToUSB is an easy to use Windows To Go Creator that allows you to create bootable windows USB drive. You can use it to create Windows To Go workspace on a certified or non-certified Windows To Go USB Drive using enterprise or non-enterprise edition of Windows…

8 Comments on Migrate Windows 10 to a USB drive as a Windows 10 To Go workspace (Tutorial).

  1. Hi, if I switch to Linux Mint can I change back to Win 10? (I haven't got a disc or usb with Windows)

  2. WinToUSB if i install windows 10 as legacy in wintousb can i run games like gtav,sleeping dogs etc because i have external IDE hdd 80gb will it work.also what is the diffrences legacy and vhd?

  3. I'm looking to backup my OS, so I can install Linux but still boot up windows when needed. I have an external HDD that I use to backup all of my data. Can I clone just windows 10 OS to a HDD with data already stored, or do I need to unload the HDD onto my laptop, wipe it, and then mirror windows 10 onto it? and if I do the latter will I loose data, or will it for sure copy everything?

  4. if I Installed WintoUSB in SSD , ¿The System will be faster? for exemple Start System , and all the system?

  5. How do i clone only the operating system?

  6. Does it work if you transferring W10 from HHD to SSD? And what if my W10 with all folders weight 120 Gb? May I use external usb drive (no empty)?

  7. Doe cloning clones everything including program files and device drivers?

  8. The Windows To Go Creator of AOMEI Partition Assistant can migrate Windows 10 to USB flash drive in a few steps. Creat Windows 10 To Go Workspace may save a lot of things.

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