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Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.8.9: How to install Reflex hacked client (MAC)

Hi and welcome to my Minecraft hacked client Installation tutorial for the new minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.8.9 with the new launcher. In this video I will show you how to install the hacked client Reflex, but you can also use any other hacked client of your choice. (like nodus)

Windows 10 tutorial –

Windows 7 tutorial –

Windows 8/8.1 tutorial –

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41 Comments on Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.8.9: How to install Reflex hacked client (MAC)


  2. fuck ur outro its a piece of shit negga

  3. how did you get the zip file

  4. hey can you tell me in your description there are alot of new hacks and links so can you tell me in your description what hacks are best i need it because one guy hacked my server and that costed 500 $ :(( please someone tell me the best hack

  5. make another tutorial that actually works

  6. I like your accent

  7. Can you do one that actually works?

  8. I can't see my hacked client in the versions! Please help.

  9. i have the client but i does not show any meny

  10. how do I get past the crash reports I carnt play 🙁

  11. I like his outro lol 😛

  12. i don't have that library folder what to do when ail you make a tutorial ???? plz help guys

  13. can i get 1.8.9?

  14. This is complete bullshit, they just keep linking you to different things to get more revenue. Waste of oxygen

  15. Hey TechGamer180 I don't have the versions folder pls Help

  16. This worked. I like you.

  17. Hi checked all the boxes and it still doesnt come up?

  18. Hey guys to get to liabary hover over go and press alt or option

  19. I did everything and whenever I press Play it disappears, then reappears with a crash report. And if you know how to fix this then please reply don't just reply "same"

  20. thank you so much you deserve a sub from me 😀

  21. +Techgamer180 i dont have all those folders and stuff plz help

  22. when i press play it crashes, can you help me?

  23. i got my new mac, and like when i go to wizardhax, i do all the steps n stuff, but for some reason i can never find the client

  24. it won't work for me

  25. How do u get libary

  26. it don't come up in my versions plz help me i play mac

  27. When I  try to choose whic version of minecraft im using for that profile I can't find the hacks

  28. i can't find it in my  use

  29. i did wot you said i did not work i had all the right files but it did not work

  30. mines did not work

  31. I couldent find the client in the new profile thingy, i ticked all them little boxes to, still couldent find it. D:

  32. Why cant i open the jar file?!?!

  33. the outro song tho 😀


  35. to get on the minecraft folder if on mac press Shift+Command+G then copy paste ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

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