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Minecraft Bedrock – IRON GOLEM FARM ( Automatic )[ Tutorial ] MCPE / Xbox / Switch / Windows

This is a Minecraft Bedrock IRON GOLEM FARM ⚒️ AUTOMATICTutorial for PS4 / MCPE / Xbox / Switch / Windows
Help me get to 300k ! Join SQUAD6????✅ ✅In today’s Bedrock Edition tutorial I will show you how to build an IRON GOLEM FARM ⚒️ AUTOMATIC Tutorial for Minecraft Bedrock | PS4 / MCPE / XBOX / Switch / Windows / PS3 / Wii U. If you enjoy the video, drop a like???? and Subscribe to my Minecraft channel for DAILY Redstone Tutorials , Lets Plays & News…

48 Comments on Minecraft Bedrock – IRON GOLEM FARM ( Automatic )[ Tutorial ] MCPE / Xbox / Switch / Windows

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  2. And could we stack it beside each other ? Or we need like a Block r range between each iron farm

  3. Dothis work on 1.14 (bedrock of course)

  4. If i m making it in ocean dose fish and squids are kill rates ?

  5. Thank you so much! I spent days looking for working iron farms, and now i have one! Thanks!

  6. i can see that this is asian accessible

  7. I’m not sure what I have done wrong but this didn’t work for me

  8. It kills cats?? Nope. Not building it.

  9. Does this work on mobile?

  10. I could be wrong but don’t the villagers need to be able to sleep in a bed to activate this?

  11. For minecraft mobile ???

  12. Well, I can’t build this. One of my bells is in my homemade village. The other glitched and won’t leave my chest, one glitched off the map. And I can’t find any more. Yikes.

  13. Does it work in 1.13?

  14. How does this work on ps3 if half of the materials used for the farm are not even available in that version?

  15. Does it still work in 1.13?

  16. Thanks skippy I was wondering why I had a cat farm

  17. Does this still work?

  18. can i do it in survival in a way that it works bc u said in the end that daylight cycle on and off but then id lost achievments and i already did the spawner so if this doesnt work ill fucking sue you for assault bc u assaulted my braincells

  19. HOW MANY BEDS AND VILLAGERS and i think you missed some other things too…

  20. How wide is the platform?

  21. Don't build this underground, it made this SOOOO much harder than it has to be

  22. I built it in my beta PE in a BQ Aquaris U Lite: it's perfectly functional, but is a bit laggy and there are some cats spawning between blocks. Is the only iron farm that worked on PE.
    So those searching if it still working or if works in PE: YES

    PD: if is too much laggy, don't use four village slots, it still working with only one

  23. Can i stack it?

  24. You said the glass drop down to the box was 4 when its really 5 and you were looking through a broken portion….. now I have to move everything by 1 block… -__-

  25. Do the spawns from fish take up iron golem spawns?

  26. you see this cat there under the beds?

    as soon as he moves, he'll die

  27. After building this, i had a lot of cats dropping from the farm to the ground ~ 20 blocks below. Ended up building the same kill platform below the farm to account for all the dropping cats.

  28. I have to ask does this work on PS4?

  29. Does this work on xbox one?

  30. ????????????'s!!!!
    Still don't know how I missed this… ????
    Awesome!!! Thanks to designer, and you for sharring!!
    Literally, I've been playing with iron farm designs for a week… but this one takes the Vex-Cake!!!!! ????????????

  31. Why don’t you just use 12 beds?

  32. Hey guys make sure you put this at 11 blocks above the ground, maybe say that at the beginning…

  33. Is this stackable? Can I put them next to each other?

  34. Does it work in windows 10 1.12.1?

  35. Why does my cats spawn under the farm?

  36. It spawns like 1 golem for every 100 cats for me

  37. Hey I built it and in only getting cat spawning…help

  38. I built one pod of this in my Survival world and I'll add some findings:
    1. I omitted the lava blade and now the farm produces a LOT of string. I think the lava was burning the string and/or cats before the hopper could grab it
    2. Sometimes cats fall through the magma blocks under the beds, so I built an identical water trap + magma kill mech underneath the entire structure and it collects string and an assortment of random mob drops for those who stumble into their demise. A lot of zombies come after your villagers if you don't sleep, so it's a nice way to passively collect rotten flesh.

    I'll update once I get around to the other pods

  39. Finally found that works

    Keep up the good work

  40. can u do this with one villager chamber and 1 cat killing chamber?

  41. The reason why this farm gets high rates is because it is technically 4 villages. When you build this farm make sure you can ring all 4 bells. This will tell you that you have 4 separate villages instead of 1 giant village.

  42. Ok but it is it stackable or do i need to build them a certain distance away from each other

  43. Mine just randomly stopped working… any ideas?

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