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MINIMALIST TIDY HACKS | 10 habits for a clean + organized space

I’ve been doing quite a lot of decluttering recently so here are my top 10 tidy hacks and habits for a clean and organized space! SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos:

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44 Comments on MINIMALIST TIDY HACKS | 10 habits for a clean + organized space

  1. My mom read about a declutter challenge where you remove one item from your house every day for (x)amount of days. I'm attempting to move from a cluttered and knick-knacky lifestyle that i inherited from my mother, to a life with less stuff and therefore less to clean (my ultimate goal). I've altered the challenge to be one item a week for 1 year. Anything that I get rid of that I won't be replacing makes the cut; multiple lotion bottles, old hair styling products, decor i've outgrown since moving out, etc. It's been really motivating and my life feels so much lighter when you see the box filled with stuff to donate.

    I've also removed all the small organization or storage pieces I had. It sounds counter productive but when you have a million little things in 100 small baskets and containers you still have the same issues. But you don't wanna lose the small item in a large drawer so it makes you really stop to think about if the small item is worth keeping. I find the little things are usually the most useless to keep and that we accumulate the fastest and easiest.

  2. Thus was a very helpful video! I were reminded to clean and tidy up 🙂

  3. Watching your video is pretty relaxing!

  4. I love # 8 this one I do all the time what a difference it makes to have something going on in the backyard that you enjoy. Thanks so much for sharing! Ps just found your channel! New subscriber ????❤️

  5. i hear soundstripe songs~~~

  6. I'm working on making over a top while listening to you… I do this tip a lot while doing household tasks.

  7. A new subscriber ????????‍♀️

  8. I love all of these tips and am happy to see that I actually do all of these things. Though since being married and having kids I need to relearn how to keep up with these tips since I share all my space with the family.

  9. Love this video !! Great tips

  10. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH MEGHAN! Life can be stressful when it's cluttered and messy around you (I'll say xD), but your videos really helped tone down my stress levels and helped me to start de-cluttering slowly and it has been AMAZING

  11. Unsubscribe. Great idea. I hadn’t thought of that as tidying before but you make s great point! Thank you for sharing. I’m setting a timer for 15 minutes and starting am unsubscribe project with my email. 🙂

  12. I see ur plant….How do u care for ur spider plant ? How often do u water it and when do u fertilize it?

  13. Thank you. Helpful tips. I've started decluttering. Some of these I do often because I am a bit controlling of my space? OCD? Idk. But have specific places for everything and cannot handle them being out of place ????

  14. The 1in/1 out makes sense other wise you can have a bursting closet. Also somethings can be repaired at a tailer but most things should be donated at a certain point. Then you can evaluate if you want to replace it.

  15. Great video! Very helpful ????

  16. Great tips. I am 60 and wish I had followed these little habits decades ago! Making the bed and doing all the dishes at night helps my mind stay clear—and ladies—everything in its place is essential during menopause! Hehe.

  17. am i the only guy here

  18. I liked most of your tips but I will have to disagree with the bed-making. By making the bed right after you get up you don't let the sheets breath and get aired and this helps acari multiply and make allergies worse. I know that the bedroom looks more neat if the bed is tidy but health is more important 🙂

  19. Setting a timer for a quick tidy is such a great idea! Makes it seem much less daunting. Now I'm motivated to tidy up but I'm stuck at work!!!

  20. really love your video!! It help a lot~~

  21. Love this hair length on you!

  22. actually making hte ´bed right after getting up´ makes the bacteria grow inside. the bed needs some air after sleeping.

  23. One of the best videos I've seen in a while for organizing! I loved it 🙂 I clean as I go, I use the rule: less than 2 -> do, I listen to audiobooks while I clean and I currently try to dedicate a special place for every item I own.
    Btw you have super gorgeous eyes 🙂 Subbed 🙂

  24. Great video! New sub right here! <3

  25. You really should let your bed 'breathe' or air out/cool off before making it in the morning…get your coffee, breakfast, etc… then make your bed.

  26. Great tips. Thank you 😉

  27. Love love love your channel Meghan. Pleeease do an evening or morning routine as they’re so lovely to watch. Hugs xx

  28. I also unsubscribed from so many mailing lists a while back, and it really reduced how often I need to go on deleting sprees. >.<

  29. Great tips! 🙂

  30. Thank you for your tips.
    It would be great if you could do a video with the following topic: How to organise the files on your computer and keep them organised. For me this is the most difficult, almost impossible part to achieve!

  31. I'm trying to reduce the spaces at home, listening your great ideas will help me to start????

  32. Thanks for the tip about settinga timer for fifteen to twenty minutes. I tend to tell myself a half hour to an hour and that's way too overwhelming.

  33. 8. make use of time….I drink a bottle of wine during cleaning, which makes my day so much funnier…

  34. Such great tips Meghan! And yes to unsubscribing to those mailing lists. I think I need to do another purge. ????

  35. I have a spot where I keep absolutely everything… Does that count?

  36. Love your videos! Can you please share your favorite books of simple living / minimalism? Desperately looking for inspirations! Thanks x

  37. I like your sheets, are they coyuchi or something?

  38. Yes, the last one. I have been on a mission to unsubscribe from emails, close online accounts, and the hardest has been getting companies to stop sending me physical junk mail.

  39. I love the way you talk <3 It's so gentle… I'd take any of your advice anytime!

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