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Uma das cenas mais ridiculas de sempre das series de TV!
– ah e tal estamos a ser hackados
– não te preocupes que se teclarmos os dois no mesmo keyboard conseguimos ganhar.

20 Comments on NCIS 2 IDIOTS 1 KEYBOARD

  1. Mark Harmon is like "Move over shitheads, I know how to solve this problem."

  2. hahaha…this reminds me of that scene in a superman tv series where super man types super fast on a key board, only there is no way that computer is registering input that fast so in doing this he would actually be giving that computer super powers in order to keep up with the speed he is using.

    also unplugging a monitor stops the hacker…FTW. i was buying all the nonsense techno talk those two keep saying until i saw this scene.

  3. cringing so hard right now

  4. wow whoever is on the other side of the "hack" must have like 4 hands

  5. "Dump him on the other side of the router." I can't face palm hard enough

  6. The ending just adds more dumbness to this dumb scene.

  7. how do you guys keep thinking he unplugged the monitor when he's holding a power cable?

  8. good job pulling the plug on the screen douchenozzle, that doesnt shut the entire system down you assbucket

  9. Well we can certainly limit the possible identity of the hacker to Asian. Now give me a picture of Asia. Okay. Now rotate by 70 degrees. Enhance. Filter out the shadows. Freeze. I think we got him… Hacking in movies ftw!

  10. He unplugged the fucking monitor lol

  11. Someone grab the mouse, let's gangbang it !

  12. when in doubt, hit all the keys randomly


  14. Whoa, that guy was good. He beat both of them.

  15. You do realize they are intentionally making fun of these scenes?

  16. the best way to hack someone is coding a program that will resize and reposition the windows and run upon entering

  17. "I've never seen code like this before!"

    Perhaps that's because it isn't code.

  18. The most accurate line "I've never seen code like this", because it isn't code

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