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New Xbox One Windows 10 UI (New Dashboard Preview)

In this video I show the New Windows 10 Dashboard for the Xbox One revealed at E3 2015.
X1 EDGE Browser:
This User Interface is planed to be released this holiday.

Take command with the New Xbox One Experience, a completely re-imagined user experience that gives you instant access to everything you want, when you want it and with plenty of new Features.

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15 Comments on New Xbox One Windows 10 UI (New Dashboard Preview)

  1. Soo are we finally be able to actually play music when we play games?

  2. In the Preview Dashboard App I chose to get these last friday and it's still pending…

  3. Reminds me of the xbox app combined with! loving your videos

  4. How do you have Scalebound and Mirror's Edge? Is there a closed BETA for those?

  5. thanks for the vid, not sure i like it tbh, the current dash seems more 'live' if you get me

  6. nice vid, still waiting on mine to roll through been a week now hopefully i get it next week

  7. This update looks very cool and I was wondering if anyone could invite the preview program my gamertag is KillerKam398 if everyone can please invite thank you.

  8. I think the community tab is 2 big. I am not blind. 😉 Half the size would be better. What do you think guys ?
    And is the showcase still here? I rly like 2 show my achievments.

  9. The music just made this so dang classy. I need to go download this music!

  10. please make another Video and show us how the new Edge Browser looks like :)

  11. Will the my games and apps libary stay the same? just like the ui everyone has now or are they changing that really looking for something differnt and as we all know the more games you have the slower this damn Menu gets D:

  12. This update better fix the lag on the Ui

  13. Can't wait to get the invite!

  14. I'm actually looking forward to this update. will be nice to have a change. if only they could have the relaxing background music onto the dashboard as well!

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