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Nokia Lumia 610 Tips, Tricks and Hacks

This video talks about some known and some less known tips, tricks and other hidden options which could help you use the phone smartly.

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20 Comments on Nokia Lumia 610 Tips, Tricks and Hacks

  1. total crap…captain obvious…..!!!

  2. I have a lumia 610 and it keeps doing a random alert noise. I check my phone and there is no tx, nothing. Every 3/4 hours this happens. Any idea what this might be? Or how to stop it?

  3. how to install any apps in this phone ..I downloaded in other website

  4. i really don't see how these are tips. its all in the user manual.

  5. Oh My… :O
    Always Nokia Lumia 6 "1" 10
    Are You Kdding ME So Its Called "NOKIA LUMIA 6110

  6. "Internet Sharing" or "Internet Shitting" ??

  7. shit he s not even showing any tricks. these tricks can be done by little child

  8. Worst review and I've started to sleep he made a nice phone so boring great talent!! Salute 😀

  9. hahahahahahahahaahahah he says six-one-ten repeatedly what a dumbass

  10. apart from this..i wanna give u a tight slap………….u spoke tht word 1300 times in a 13 min video idiot…………

  11. This is a video of "actually and apart from this"

  12. for me its SIX-ten …

  13. world bored phone lumia 610

  14. lol…..fool fu**king his lumia six "one" ten…..

  15. where are the tricks?

  16. stupid indian man… LOL

  17. i'm pretty sure this is not copyright

  18. To share,? just press the icon. you have to install the App first.

  19. Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

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