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NordVPN Setup Tutorial – Purchase, Installation & Setup

A step-by-step VPN tutorial for NordVPN plus get up to 75% off your subscription ($2.99/mo) when you use this NordVPN link!

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NordVPN has become known as one of the better VPN options available on…

41 Comments on NordVPN Setup Tutorial – Purchase, Installation & Setup

  1. Thanks for watching this setup tutorial for NordVPN! If you have questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below, otherwise, here are the links mentioned in the video:
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    –> VPN FAQs:
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  2. How do I use this on my Xbox one???

  3. I need help I don’t have a computer or laptop but I want to protect my phone tablet fire stick etc is nordvn possible to install on my router or how does it work

  4. deleted it awhile ago because it's no use for me my avid hackers hack me again!

  5. Just so u know u should blurr ur email at this part 1:16

  6. I know you can connect to other devices but can you connect with the same service to another account?

  7. I want to know that this vpn can do auto select fastest server like VyprVPN?
    Reply me as soon as possible.
    I want to purchase it after knowing about this option.

  8. What if the app doesn’t open

  9. What if the app doesn’t open

  10. Thx for the info

  11. Can I surf dark web safely by this vpn

  12. Will getting vpn affect other devices on your WiFi network? My landlords for example. It’s his WiFi.

  13. I keep getting authentication error. Any help would be appreciated

  14. Queria um tutorial em português

  15. not a good vpn if you live in China. difficult to use

  16. why u deleted the nordvpn app from your phone, I don't understand

  17. I am very new to vpns and can someone explains to me how does all those servers help you stay protected

  18. Can I get this on my xbox to stop ddos

  19. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Nordvpn on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/nordvpn-review/ Thanks, Nathanael.

  20. Review turbo vpn please

  21. How to set specific state

  22. Nord vpn is shit it doesn't work even if it's connected

  23. Great tutorial. There is one question that I cannot seem to find an answer for. Apparently you can connect up to 6 devices with one NordVPN account. Say I have used up all 6 devices with NordVPN and then I lose one of the devices (e.g. mobile phone). Is it possible to then install it on a new device even though it still exists on the lost device? Or is there some way to disable it on the older one? Hope this makes sense! ????

  24. 1:39 if thats ur ip u might wanna reupload

  25. Nord vpn is shiit its a mainstream vpn nothing special

  26. How can i get redund aftr subscribing this vpn

  27. No joke I love this after I said ship and get to the point he gave a specific time slot to skip to whatever you want to hear. SMARTEST GUY ON YOUTUBE!!!!

  28. It’s not working in China

  29. You didn't answer or show how to connect to a ps4 which is the topic of your tutorial

  30. how do I get my money back

  31. Nevermind me, just preparing for Article 13 to kick in

  32. Wait if you can uninstall the app after adding the VPN’s to your phone, does that mean that they’re free forever since you don’t have the app anymore?

  33. is this great for bypassing isp throttling?

  34. Can this be use in Dubai? As vpn’s are prohibited to use in this country. Please let me know before I use this app.

  35. I dont see any of these options on my Nord I dont even have a search bar wtf

  36. It cost me 11 dollars to purchase a one year subscription to Norton VPN. Why in the world would I pay 80 dollars for similar service by Nord? The price is insane…lol

  37. Can u use it for on a console

  38. If I buy and download NordVPN on my main desktop, can I then download it and use the same account on my other devices (laptop, tablet, etc)? And, if so, will those devices automatically follow whatever IP I've switched to from my desktop? Thanks in advance

  39. So I have a secure Wi-Fi here in my home. Do I use my Wi-Fi with NordVPN or do i have to sign into the "hidden network" that shows up in my Wi-Fi

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