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PC Build Tutorial (Full Version) | #YesWeBuild | MSI

Build guides come in all kinds of colors and flavors. With this PC build tutorial, we’ll take the time to build a PC with you step-by-step, from A to Z
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— How to Build a PC —
00:00 – Step 0: Preparation
01:09 – Step 1: CPU Installation
02:36 – Step 2: Memory Installation
03:40 -…

36 Comments on PC Build Tutorial (Full Version) | #YesWeBuild | MSI

  1. If you can't get enough from this video, check out more PC building tips here:
    Happy building!????

  2. The cable management gave me aids tho

  3. You taught us so well. Just send me the money to buy parts.

  4. My pc didn’t come with a disk anyway I can transfer what’s in the cd to a pendrive

  5. I don't even have a PC

  6. pro tip
    I like the sound of it idk why

  7. Ok, this ain't as bad as verge but still quite badly explained

  8. Am about to build a pc, no

    Am I laying in bed bored and decided to watch this tutorial and have no intentions of making a pc, yes

  9. 3:01 So simple and yet the Verge couldn't even do that right.

  10. But I thought those were tweezers?

  11. Build guides comes in all colors and flavors I WANT THE WASSBERRRY ONE >:D

  12. I didn't knew that there would be a step 0

  13. that cpu cooler!! oooooo!!

  14. Build me a pc it's not that hard

  15. How much this build cost??

  16. Cool but put in the gpu last or else it gonna be a nightmare

  17. msi is the tits. my whole build is nothing but msi products and my current build is going 4 and a half years strong with no issues knocks on wood

  18. make sure to get the MSI Rx 580 its the best one

  19. My first MSI build is coming up next month, can't wait!

  20. I built my frist PC with the msi b450 tomahawk arsenal and the motherboard is amazing

  21. I know they went over how to seat the memory in the correct dimm slots before this, but at 5:51 you can see both sticks occupy dimmA1 and dimmA2…

  22. Dont touch the top of th CPU

  23. 4:16 look how he is screwing the screw in

  24. MSI can do it, unlike The Verge.

  25. Should've done front panel before installing gpu, it will definitely be easier

  26. The most useless video in my life

  27. This is the complete tutorial. Can I share it? 🙂

  28. Not a lot of people provide how to install the software so thanks

  29. How’s the corona virus?

  30. He didn't do post????

  31. how do you know if the gpu is gonna be sideways (fans to you) fans up or fans down?

  32. damn should have gone with an msi motherboard instead of asus i cant even turn the computer on now. when your friend recommends a part, use your gut feeling cause if i did i would have my first desktop right now well from now on msi or nothing cause at least if i spend 160 cad on a motherboard its not much but hey at least i would get a start button to know if its bad wiring but after messing with the cords for 30 hours and the worst instructions i now know i have to get a new motherboard. why i trust msi is because i have a monitor from them and i couldnt find a better monitor for the price and specs that i was looking for

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