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5 Comments on Perl Programming for Beginners Tutorial Install on Windows 10

  1. Hello Jim
    I have a project in C++ but I was given a zip file that has
    Array source file
    Array heater file
    driver source file
    And they already have the necessary function protype in them all I have to do
    is to write function definition so that it can complile but I was
    asked to install perl to do them.My problem I have never used perl before
    and even never heard of files called (.depend.Makefile.Array
    .DS_Store, .DS_Store, Array.mpc) any Do you have any idea what
    I should here.

  2. May The creator of the heavens and earth bless you for what you do for others and May He guide you to his path. Ameen

  3. hi i need install a bot perl in my pc i have windows 10 and i dont know how i can started ! do you can help me ?

  4. Feel free to ask questions! Thanks for watching!

  5. 001 Professor V's Perl Programming Language for Beginners Tutorial Install on Windows 10

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