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Plugin Boutique Scaler | Hacking Chord Progressions & Bridges (First Impression)

So today I did a thing … and Scaler helped tremendously. Using Scaler with FL Studio & Ghost Channels feels …like a crime.

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45 Comments on Plugin Boutique Scaler | Hacking Chord Progressions & Bridges (First Impression)

  1. Bro .. Bro!!! I have been playing by ear for YEARS and at 52 years old, I am too damn stubborn, lazy stubborn to take a class. This has changed everything for me as a song writer. Great video! Just subscribed!

  2. Can somebody help me my scaler plugin cant be resized its just to big for my laptop screen. If you help me i will sub you. Tq

  3. Hey bruh did you know you can just export the midi from WHAT? That's shxts lit I just found out, only it's $5 a month. Probably cheaper just to get Melodyne, or WavesTUne actually.

  4. Nice tips man, I just got scaler on sale yesterday, using it with bitwig which I think also doesn't have the routing. The 64 means it's in second inversion with the G note on the bottom. But you probably figured this out by now haha. That's old school notation from bachs day.

  5. Cubase 9.5 and 10 Dose a Graet Job at This Built in to it

  6. Thank you for the video. Well done. Very helpful!

  7. Hi can you play singular notes for a specific scale rather than the chords it suggests? Basically works like the autotonic plugin? A toggle for on/off chord mode? thanks

  8. Great to see your name in the update! Love it!

  9. You are bringing light to our civilization Bro!

  10. This video sounded like French to me LOL. Clearly this program isn't for beginners or those that don't know music theory already. Thanks though

  11. Hey, MG, The King of All Plugins! Listen, a couple of things I saw on Plugin Boutique. The first is by re-compose called 12C8 or it may I2c8. The second is by Orb. This thing is a bit of a monster. Composing by AI. The site orb-composer. It is a stand-alone that you route through your DAW. Not sure how it works yet. They are both on sale. Check them out and let me know what you think.

  12. MG you are the truth! This is awesome. Quick question, at 13:40 what did you press/how did you select both columns of notes? Thanks again for the great tutorials!

  13. This works on Logic Pro right ?

  14. Hey MG what is that plugin where you can play it audio of chords being played and it will identify the chord from an audio file?

  15. Great, sir, thank you! I have got my eye upon this smart toy 🙂

  16. Love the video and vst

  17. is this like a chord progression generator too? or only for harmonize melodies?

  18. I never thought I'd see the day you can produce tracks with out knowing how to really play keys

  19. I’m mad I’m at work right now I want to hop on that shit right now.

  20. Man I’m going to make beats all day off this bro lol. I bought the plugin but this tutorial really shows me how I can get busy with it.

  21. Great vid fam…subscribed!!!

  22. This is a must buy for me

  23. It's simple yet complicated.

  24. Hi MG , i liked your video earlier but i skipped it …. because i guess it was too long , honestly speaking im into producing all sorts of music " EDM / Hiphop / Pop …etc " and i have to say … even being exposed to music production for 14 years and knowing the scales .. key .. harmonies … diminished , sus …. your sort of dissected the chord names dilemma , and the cryptic I II IV VII i've always seen on sites and never understood and you attracted me more to scaler , thank you very much for sharing all of this information " a strong player exposes his cards for everybody to see " i hope i'm as strong and dedicated as you , stay positive and keep up the good work , Peace 🙂

  25. I am the worse at melodies chords etc got this plugin last night omg I just feel when I really learn how to use it the beast I will become. Thank you. Ps I need one of your drum kits

  26. If it's got the same intervals it's got the same mood… descriptions are a bit silly for different keys. Read 'How Music Works" by John Powell. Great plugin otherwise. EDIT: I gave the wrong author.

  27. Can someone answer this question. I'm using Scaler in FL Studio and have it set-up where I play my VST's through Scaler. It's working, but the issue is as soon as I hit my midi key to play Scaler piano also plays messing up my sound of the VST also playing through it. Anyone know what's wrong as I only want to hear my VST playing thru Scaler. Thanks

  28. who fl is so fancy and im over here using ableton LUL

  29. Very comprehensive bro. Well done. This plugin is a must have.

  30. Chords don't have to belong to the same scale to sound good. Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, and many progressive and jazz musicians play across dissimilar scales and make it sound good. Even several popular bands such as Radiohead switch modes and scales multiple times within the same song.

  31. MG The Future….WOW…. Thank you so much for this Video….I bought Scaler after watching one of your earlier Vids. but this one explains a creative workflow for writing chords that is simply amazing !!! I'll probably stay in the house all summer just writing music !!!

  32. Great video man, you’ve brought to light so many hacks and what not, opened my mind to understand music theory a bit more, RESPECT. Since this video, I went ahead and bought this plugin. The problem is, I can’t get it to show up in the Maschine 2 software. I’ve rescanned the root folder in Maschine, the problem is I can’t figure out how to bring the plugin up in the software. I’ve emailed Plugin Boutique multiple times to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated, PEACE.

  33. awesome tutorial man

  34. Fuck! Thanks man!

  35. Never heard of, you just blew my mind!

  36. So you can do this in reason right

  37. I wish ableton piano roll had these tools like strum and arp,fl studio piano roll is so much more advanced with midi.

  38. I'm sure you've answered this question before- What's better Captain Chords or Scaler? I want to use either or as tools to create further. Thanks

  39. Got by to getting wack ass pre made midi files.Never bought any but glad I didn't…so worth the money.

  40. ive always thought ,still do think that I could play by ear all by myself ,its been over 20 some years now .i never had the will or the time to take classes and its been hurting my creativity but now my wish has been granted .

  41. wow man this has seriously changed da game! thanks for real

  42. Need another video in-depth using original idea. Like I got one note and I’m building from scratch with scaler and insta chords

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