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Python Beginner Tutorial 1 For Absolute Beginners – (Setting up Python)

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This is the first video in my introductory Python course. This material is used by universities around the world. Feel free to contribute by leaving a comment or a like.

30 Comments on Python Beginner Tutorial 1 For Absolute Beginners – (Setting up Python)

  1. Pls help me with this error : Failed to launch the Python Process, please validate the path 'python'

  2. i think most of the ppl here are for mount and blade modding xd

  3. Thank you so much for this video. After 35 yrs of critical nursing and finally retiring. I am doing something I always wanted to do. Learn how to code, have always loved computers but was able in my late 40's to start another path in life. I have built 2 of my own computers but I want to code and this was a really good video. From one of you Oldest followers.

  4. We are gathered here to remember the life of Chris Hawkes; For burning Hillary to ashes with that comment.

  5. Thank you so much. I will follow your lessons, I really need to know better about python.

  6. Why is it after I type cd/projects?
    "The system cannot find the specified" shows up?

  7. yo im liking this video purely for the line on Hillary's emails lool

  8. it's not showing any .vscode file.

  9. subbed because of the Hillary Clinton joke 😉

  10. I've had problems in a C-Sharpe. Please help me

  11. I can't find PATH I can only find Path with lowercases, please help!

  12. Great Language. Also perfect for web apps.
    Build Web Apps in Python ( @Flask ) and Vue or React using
    Python rules 🙂

  13. Thanks bro for your guide too, python and Visual studio code, very informative

  14. Why I am getting this error while run on command? >>> python
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
    NameError: name 'python' is not defined

  15. bro phython doesnt show on any path or files even if i did install it

  16. Hello guys. I have already downloaded the visual studio code but for some unknown reason, I can't find my python at the extension in order to be installed. Can anyone help?

  17. On the first screen of the Python installer you have a checkbox option to add to PATH or not

  18. It would have been much more helpful when making a video to install a program to not already have it installed on your computer. It sounds simple but saying "It opened up my exisiting project file…now I'm going to create a new project…" that stuff is hard to follow. Better to have a clean slate just like the learner.

  19. nice content, sir 🙂

  20. everytime i debug, it switches from debug console to terminal. it isn't a major issue, but it's annoying

  21. Thanks .. really a Nice video

  22. Just open Python.exe

  23. i am in VSC and this keeps poping up can someone help!!

    Exception has occurred: NameError

    name 'Print' is not defined

    File "C:Users"my name"OneDriveDocumentsPython scriptsFirst", line 1, in <module>

    Print ("hello world")

  24. How to change the path of a file, when I am not the admin of the computer?

  25. This was published on my birthday! I was born to code!

  26. Sir can a beginner directly start with pycharm or with conda

  27. please help me, i already installed extension by Don Jayamanne but when i started debugging i found many Python such as
    Python : Current File
    Python : Attach
    Python : Module
    Python : Django
    and i couldn't uninstall them.
    let me know how to fix this thank you

  28. during installation, you can automatically add python to the paths if you select customize installation

  29. My pythons verson is 3.7 so will it work same as this as I find it little different..

  30. i followed the instructions in the video and got everything working in the very same manner.

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