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Python Beginner Tutorial 1 – Install and Setup PyCharm IDE

This tutorial covers the instillation of the latest version of Python 3 and instillation and setup of the Free JetBrains PyCharm IDE. After watching this video you will know how to run your very first python script (Hello World).

This video series is ideal for individuals looking to learn their first programming language or individuals looking to learn python as another programming language.

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36 Comments on Python Beginner Tutorial 1 – Install and Setup PyCharm IDE

  1. I do java but want to learn java

  2. what to do if python.exe doesnt show up on project interpreter. I already installed python3

  3. Cool! Just starting my dream

  4. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Darcula != Dracula.

  6. thank you sir !!! i m also very excited xD

  7. Great video. You speak well and slowly enough to follow along. You dont have ridiculous intro clips on your vidoes, and you keep it under 10 minutes. Bravo.

  8. Why why? Before this video started I got a 5 hours long advertisment about Lego cartoons movies… How dare youtube try to make me watchs ads for five hours. ????????

  9. Gracias buen hombre ^-^

  10. when I got to project interperter and my computer didnt do it, all of the following tutorial was worthless

  11. Hi, thank you for the content. Is the a file under the Hello World project file? How do you delete them? Confused. Mark

  12. I am installing the most recent version, and it comes up with an error when I try to open it. Please help.

  13. 2:21: We don't need Chrome anymore, so we can close that.

    Closes Chrome.

  14. hi i installed the pycharm and it is not showing the interpretor part like others did. can you tell me what i did wrong while installing it

  15. Hey! I downloaded the Python and Pycharm through your perfect explanation. Now I need some help in comparing two large files. Each file has 600k data points. I was able to use this combo software and pick out the differences. How can I clear all the similar lines but keep the different ones? Thanks! 🙂

  16. out of gazillion you tubers, you the only one that helped me out, thanks man

  17. To all the comment complaining, I followed this guide downloading a newer version of python and a newer version of pycharm and still got through it fine. I'm not a genius, but the issue isn't the guide. It's probably you.

  18. for me it worked after I closed and opened PyCharm

  19. This tutorial isn't accurate for a new installation. You already had Hello World, and explained the Yes prompt as importing the directory when it was actually warning you that the directory wasn't empty. Since it already existed it went ahead and opened your Mine doesn't have a, just a blank screen. I opened your video to see how to get to that point, but you failed me by already having it from a previous installation. So, not a "beginner tutorial". 🙁

  20. If you can't learn from this awesome series, please choose another major. Awesome!!!

  21. Run isn't highlighted! Help please!

  22. Good morning, i tried typing the interpreter but it keeps showing no interpreter

  23. When I click "Run," the top option of "Run" is grayed out.

  24. Thanks , your video helped me .

  25. Thanks 4 the video.
    i named it main.pj not .py took me way to long to figure out what i did wrong xD

  26. One thing many youtubers missed. Great video

  27. My computer is saying "No Interpreter" please help when I try to configure pyCham

  28. Parenthesy? Come on man.

  29. What to do in add configuration?

  30. Thanks for help brother .

  31. Can I still learn python from this vid if I am using notepad++

  32. Extremely helpful video!!!

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