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Python – Install Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Spyder on Windows 10

Download, Install Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Spyder for Python

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38 Comments on Python – Install Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Spyder on Windows 10

  1. it's "spyder" not "spider" on the webpage shown in the video

  2. Thanku it was really helpful 🙂

  3. no matter how many times i try it, it's always error 522…. What can i do? D:

  4. when i download it i didnt check the two boxes that you said..i cant execute my code..This is the reason?

  5. It keeps crashing when I go to install

  6. Man after installing anaconda I can’t find the anaconda navigator it just doesn’t appear I just don’t know why

  7. Thanks bro… your video helped me a lot…

  8. Dear Sir,
    How to Solve one space error in Anaconda?

  9. Nice video. Helped me to clear my concepts. Thanks

  10. When i try to open spyder with star spyder…it shows python has stopped…. How can i solve this…

  11. make a video for installing tensor flow

  12. Thank you so much professor, great help !

  13. Trying to do software development on Windows is like banging your head against a wall: it feels so good when you stop.

  14. Bro show how to install tensorflow in conda

  15. Anaconda :
    Link is not working. please suggest ?

  16. Nicely done! Very helpful! Thanks.

  17. I did the same thing on my computer but for "out [6]" it says that there is an error in my code. The error it shows is the name "np is not defined". so can you please tell me how to correct my mistake.

    Thank you,

  18. Whenever I try to run the code I wrote on jupyter notebook I just get a new cell instead of the output, what is the solution?

  19. i hate your accent. but this videos helpfull. thx

  20. Bro, you made me lough thanks, i am also good at installing and deleting it happen many times with me

  21. to the latest version i downloaded ..jupyter and spyder are not available ,can you help me to fix this problem, or the way from which i can get those ,i really need them.and also the continuum website is not available now..

  22. Bro can you help me my numpy is not work and showing me a (name error :name 'np' is not define ) tell me what to do??

  23. sir how to get anaconda navigator? i intalled anaconda but it is not showing anaconda navigator.plzzz reply

  24. cant use in standard user …how to give administrative permission in standard user?

  25. thanks a lot dude.. for the tutorials,

  26. it is showing as conda is not an internal or external command

  27. wow this was veryy helpful

  28. Please, explain the difference between installing Paython from ( and ( Thanks alot.

  29. guys its very easy to install anaconda in windows 10 ….. double tap the download and its working…….thank me later.

  30. After opening anaconda navigator it prompts Python stopped working. Please help

  31. It's awesome video….

  32. I have installed Anaconda on Windows 10 and working on Jupyter 5.5.0. When I want to type lower case, it is always typing upper case only. Can someone help me how to fix it or is it the way that works? I want to start few scripts on Data Science/Machine learning. Appreciate your help. THank you. Manohar

  33. OMG, thank you so much for the detailed tutorial, Sir! ????

  34. First of all Thank you for the video. It was very helpful. Could you please post a video on uninstallation of anaconda also?

  35. When I launch spyder from Anaconda Navigator it is showing blank screen. Can anyone help me??

  36. for anyone reading this just Install Spyder and its dependencies by running this command: pip install spyder. it worked for me the first one time unlike the commands in this video. just here to help.

  37. C:UsersMyname>conda update conda
    'conda' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file. <<< im in anacondas command prompt and i have anaconda 3 5.2.0 version downloaded and installed. shits not fair. like at all.

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