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11 Comments on Quick look and review Windows 10 Redstone 5 Insider preview build 17711 July 7th 2018

  1. nice preview and nice cat wallpapers 🙂 …

  2. Any help. my Edge no longer opens Google services.

  3. MR . ???? BTW GOOD VIDEO

  4. I was lucky as I didn't have any problems with the download and install.

  5. 17711 is stuck in pending restart status but does not install no matter how many times I restart. Please help! I've followed instructions which suggested deleting update folder (now I can't roll back to an earlier version) and using command prompt but nothing works. I'm afraid I am not receiving any (security) updates. Can anyone help? ❓ ⚠️

    I love your cats & straight forward (not condescending) style! New subscriber! ???? ????

  6. your a cat lover,hahaha many pics of cute kitties

  7. mine had no problems. also took a long time to install about 1 hour & 15 min. with an ssd

  8. I had no problems installing on either of my regular computers.

  9. I had no issues installing it, and I haven't noticed any after installation

  10. Had some errors on installation went through as well

  11. Gilles you didn't mentioned that task view no longer have the acrylic effect in the task view.

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