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20 Comments on REAL NetBios Hacking. By AfterBurn

  1. Hey guys, it is possible bypass blank passwords remotely?
    nice tutorial man!!

  2. my favorite part is when you created a text file to echo 'hacked by Underground….' – no wait, my favorite part was when you simply entered the admin password (because you already had it) and then proceeded to create a text file to echo 'hacked'.

    good informative post, but call it for what it is

  3. how can we brute force the machine.

  4. can u tell me what u typed in 11.25

  5. Can you delete system 32 off there computer

  6. Legal hacking is not an oxymoron. If you knew what real hacking was then you'd know that.

  7. hacking with netbus..just WOW!!!!!

  8. you call this hacking? wait for it…. AAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahhahha

  9. Checkout the new channel

  10. This channel has moved

  11. that's only if the target is your own PC

  12. For some reason when i try open NBTSTAT it opens then closes really quickly?? any help on that?

  13. Sure, you can use 1.x.x.x, only because when using something like DD-WRT, it checks with your gateway's (router's) DNS before going outside your LAN. You'd be missing out on some websites if you chose anything outside of the pre-defined local subnets.

  14. making the batch for this is quite easy, although it came up with system error 53

  15. i dont think this work very well anymore…

  16. Pinging with 44 bytes of data:
    ICMP Echo Request timeout.
    ICMP Echo Request timeout.
    ICMP Echo Request timeout.
    Done. .. i cant scan it

  17. Thank you for making it as in depth finally some one that not only knows the subject, but also knows how to teach it .

  18. Since you guys seem to be the people to ask. Is there a way for someone to block a specific facebook account on a network at your house. My brothers can get on theirs but i cant get on my and it has to be my parents.

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