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22 Comments on Realistic hacking in Mission Impossible

  1. modern everything, but windows xp pc.

  2. was that a cyber nuke i saw?

  3. If you cant even boot into windows, using this you can do backups to another partition (winrar.exe as explorer) and open some of your programs with only an installation media >:D

  4. I'm laughing so hard

  5. Holy fuck, I had no idea you could do that

  6. My parents decided to use KidDesk on the pc back when i lived at home. I actually used this kind of hack to get back to windows.

  7. I can't thumb this up enough.

  8. миссия матрица не выполнима

  9. laughed way to damn hard at this

  10. its funny because the black man has no clue what a computer is

  11. Windows 7 has something similar to this involving the ease of access center.
    If you switch one of the programs that the ease of access center uses with a renamed copy of command prompt, you can mess around with local accounts to do things like change passwords and grant local administrator privileges.
    There are lots of ways to set it up, but explaining any of the ones I know would make this comment too long.

  12. The funniest part of this is the awkward silence.

  13. Wait, for real!?

  14. I remember doing something like this in our HighSchool computer lab. I used to go through Paint to access system files. lol

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